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Lorillard Glossary of Names
Lorillard Glossary of Names: F
Fabian and Clendenin Council for Tobacco Research and Lorillard Counsel
Fabrega, Lopez & Pedreschi Lorillard Counsel
Faegre & Benson Brown & Williamson Counsel
Fahlbusch, A. Chadbourne, Park, Whiteside & Wolf, Attorney
Failure Analysis, Inc. Industry Consultant
Faircloth, A.K. Lorillard, Director of Merchandising
Fairman, M.P. Morrison & Foerster, Attorney
Falb, R.E. Silverstein & Mullens, Attorney
Falcone, J.G. LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, Attorney
Fales, M. Collier, Shannon, Rill & Scott, Attorney
Falvey, T.C. Lorillard, Director of Distributing
Farb, E.I. George V. Buck Consulting Actuaries, Inc., Employee
Farmer, Cline & Arnold Philip Morris Counsel
Farmer, R.S. Doherty, Rumble & Butler, Attorney
Farmer, S. Farmer, Cline & Arnold, Attorney
Farnham, S.J. Lorillard, Area Sales Director -Western States
Farr, H.B. III Reynolds, General Counsel
Farrell, Farrell & Farrell Lorillard Counsel
Farrell, M.J. Farrell, Farrell & Farrell, Attorney
Farris, M.A. Philip Morris, Accounting Assistant Controller
Farroll, D.W. Burroughs, Simpson, Hepler, Broom & MacDonald, Attorney
Fassuliotis, C. Lorillard, Associate Brand Manager
Fastow, J.N. Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Attorney
Faulkner, R.T. Lorillard, Leaf Manager
Fawcett, R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Feaster, G. Lorillard, Employee
Feldhausen, E.J. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Feldman, L. Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, Attorney
Feller, P.B. Rose, Schmidt, Halsey & DiSalle, Attorney
Fema, A. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Attorney
Fenley, K.R., Jr. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Fenter, J.J. Rogers & Wells, Legal Assistant
Fenton & Keller Lorillard Counsel
Fenton, L.L. Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Attorney
Fenwick, E.G. Mason, Fenwick & Lawrence, Attorney
Ferguson, D.L. Reid, Metzger & Associates, Attorney
Ferguson, J.C. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Fernald, D.E. Lorillard, Cigarette Flavorist
Ferrell, K. Davis, Polk & Wardwell, Attorney
Ferremi, A.A. Lorillard, Office Services Manager
Ferrer, E.R. Lorillard, Manager of Inventory Control
Ferreti, C. Burson Marsteller, Employee
Ferris, S.G. Greenberg, Traurig, Hoffman, Lipoff, Rosen & Quentel, Attorney
Ferriter, J. Lorillard, Employee
Fey, L.C. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Fiddler & Levine Lorillard Patent Counsel
Fiddler, R.W. Fiddler & Levine, Attorney
Field, H.D. Jr. Leonard, Street & Deinard, Attorney
Fieldman, H.J. Kalkines, Arky, Zall & Bernstein, Attorney
Filardi, E.V. Brumbaugh, Free, Graves & Donohue, Attorney
Finch, E.P. Brown & Williamson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Fine, K.M. Kirkland & Ellis, Attorney
Finley, J. Brown & Williamson, Associate General Counsel
Finn, T.J. Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti, Attorney
Finnegan, T.M. Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan, Attorney
Finno, L. Lorillard, Employee
Firestone, M.S. Philip Morris, Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel
Fischer, M. Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevant, Carrere & Denegre, Attorney
Fischl, M. Deloitte & Touche, Employee
Fish, J.C. Reynolds, Counsel
Fish, Richardson & Neave Lorillard Patent Counsel
Fishbein, M. Lorillard Consultant
Fisher, J. Schroder Salomon Smith Barney, Employee
Fishman, W.S. Lorillard, Assistant Brand Manager
Fiske R.B.,Jr. Davis, Polk & Wardwell, Attorney
Fitzgerald, G.E. Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Attorney
Fitzsimmons, M. George L. Barnes & Associates, Inc., Employee
Flagg, E.A. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Flaherty, M. Brown & Williamson, Associate General Counsel
Flanagan, P. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Flanigan, T.H. Nielsen, Merksamer, Parinello, Mueller & Naylor, Attorney
Flannery, E.J. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Flemming, D. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Attorney
Flinn, C.O. Philip Morris, Paralegal
Flinn, J.G. Lorillard, Director of Marketing Research
Flomenhoft, M.A. Winston & Strawn, Attorney
Florendo, D. Philip Morris, Senior Assistant General Counsel; Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Flores, D. Shook, Hardy, Bacon, Attorney
Florio, D. Philip Morris, Manager of Government Affairs
Flournoy, T. Philip Morris, Corporate Affairs Policy Director
Flumenbaum, M. Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Attorney
Foderaro, J.E. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Fois, S.P. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Foley, H.W. United States Tobacco, Employee
Foley, Hoag & Eliot Philip Morris, Lorillard and Brown & Williamson Counsel
Fontanilla, J. Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, Attorney
Foote, Cone & Belding Lorillard Advertising Firm
Forbes, M.R. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Forcey, M. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Forchheimer, J. Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Attorney
Ford, D.M. Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Gray, Attorney
Ford, J.W. Lillick, McHose & Charles, Attorney
Ford, P.A. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Foreman, D. Tobacco Institute, Employee
Forman, D.A. Hutchins, Wheeler & Dittmar, Attorney
Fornaris, C.A. Greenberg, Traurig, Hoffman, Lipoff, Rosen & Quentel, Attorney
Forney, G. Foote, Cone & Belding, Employee
Forrest, K.B. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Attorney
Forster, M. Lorillard, Sales, Use, Property & Tobacco Taxes Manager
Forsyth, A.S. Forsyth, Decker & Murray, Attorney
Forsyth, Decker & Murray United States Tobacco Counsel
Forsythe, Kerman & Philips Lorillard Counsel
Foster, B.A. Gray, Carey, Ware & Freidenrich, Attorney
Foster, E. Conwood Company, Associate General Counsel
Foster, S.H. Holland & Hart, Attorney
Foster, Swift, Collins, & Smith Brown & Williamson Counsel
Fousek, J.A. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Fowler, G.L. Shook, Hardy, Bacon, Attorney
Fowler, W.O. Lorillard, Manager of System Development
Fox, J. C. Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, Attorney
Franck, L.J. Butler, Snow, O�Mara, Stevens & Canada, Attorney
Franek, S.E. Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, Attorney
Frank Zito, Gmbh. Lorillard Advertising and Marketing Firm
Frankel, A. Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett, Attorney
Frankel, G.W. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Franklin, J.B. Seltzer, Caplan, Wilkins & McMahon, Attorney
Frankovic, T. Tobacco Institute, Executive Vice President
Franzen, D.J. O'Connor & Hannan, Attorney
Fraser, J.R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Frayne, G.M. Abelman, Frayne & Schwab, Attorney
Frazier, E.(Liz) Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Fread, S. Lorillard, Employee
Frederick, T.J. Winston & Strawn, Attorney
Free, W.H. Brumbaugh, Free, Graves & Donohue, Attorney
Freedman, B.H. Brown & Williamson, Assistant General Counsel
Freedman, S. Loews, Associate General Counsel
Freeman, R. Lorillard, Employee
Freidman, P. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Freitag, A.G. Lorillard, Employee
French, J. Faegre & Benson, Attorney
Freund, W.R. Lorillard, Employee
Friday, Elderedge & Clark Lorillard Counsel
Friddle, M. Lorillard, Manager of Accounts Payable
Fried, C. Industry Consultant
Friedel, S.L. Davis & Gilbert, Attorney
Friedman, A.S. Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, Attorney
Friedman, J. Loews, General Counsel
Friedman, P.A. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Friedman, V. Lorillard, Senior Brand Manager
Fuchs, R.E. Dechert, Price & Rhoads, Attorney
Fulbright & Jaworski Philip Morris Counsel
Fuller, F.L. Liggett Meyers Tobacco, Counsel
Fuller, R.G. Brumbaugh, Free, Graves & Donohue, Attorney
Furlong, R.W. Fish, Richardson & Neave, Attorney
Furr, J. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Fyock, J.A. Reynolds, Director of Group Public Relations
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