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Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.
Lorillard Glossary of Names
Lorillard Glossary of Names: H
Haas, E. Paterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, Attorney
Haas, F.P. Liggett, General Counsel; Webster & Sheffield, Attorney
Haas, V.B. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Haddon, S.E. Boone, Karlberg & Haddon, Attorney
Hager, C.J. Brown & Williamson, Employee
Hager, J.H. American, Research and Development Director
Haglund, L.G. Lorillard, Regional Sales Manager
Hahn, S. Cravath, Swaine & Moore, Attorney
Haines, D. P. Lorillard Pan America, Employee
Hairston, R.C. Reynolds, Legal Assistant
Hale, C. Schroder Salomon Smith Barney, Employee
Haley, M.R. T Martin Henley Associates, President
Halfmann, J.E. Lorillard, Employee
Hall, Dickler, Lawler, Kent & Friedman De Garmo, Inc. Counsel
Hall, McNicol, Hamilton & Clark JNO.H.Swisher & Son, Inc. Counsel
Hall, R.V. Reynolds, Advertising Production Imager
Hall, S. G. Stewart Hall & Associates, Attorney
Hall, V. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Halley, W.J. Lorillard, President and Board of Directors
Hamilton, F.N. Dinsmore & Shohl, Attorney
Hammer, R.D. Lorillard, Vice President of International Sales & Marketing
Han, V.C. Philip Morris, Corporate Affairs; Burson Marsteller, Vice President
Handal, K.V. Philip Morris, Associate General Counsel Litigation; Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Handler, G. B. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hanke, T.E. Brown & Williamson, Manager Law Applications
Hannafan, M.T. Michael T. Hanafan & Associates, Attorney
Hannan, C. Lorillard, Brand Promotions Manager
Hansen, A.C. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Harbison, C.M. Wilson & Harbison, Attorney
Harbour, L. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Harding, B. M. Kirkland & Ellis, Attorney
Hardwick, L.W. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hardy, D.K. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hardy, D.R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Harfst, D. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Harkrader, C. A. Wald, Harkrader, Nicholson & Ross, Attorney
Harlow, E.S. American, Research Director
Harner, P.E. Reynolds, Assistant General Counsel
Harper, K.J. Lorillard, Associate Cigarette Flavorist
Harrelson, W. Lorillard, Employee
Harrington, M.E. Liggett, President
Harris, B. Philip Morris, Employee
Harris, D. Nutter, McClennan & Fish, Attorney
Harris, G.D. Lorillard, Employee
Harris, J.E. (Jim) Lorillard, Production Maintenance Manager
Harris, L. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Harrison, D. A. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Harrison, D.R. Lorillard, Employee
Harriss, L.G. Davis, Polk & Wardwell, Attorney
Harrow, E.A. Lorillard, Associate General Counsel
Hart, J.C. Robins, Davis & Lyons, Attorney
Hart, R.L. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Hartman & Craven Joint Industry Counsel
Hartzell, A.C. Jr. DeBevoise & Plimpton, Attorney
Harville, G. Stoll, Keenon & Park, Attorney
Haskel, B.A. Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Attorney
Haskins & Sells Lorillard Accounting Consultant
Hasuike, R. Decision Quest, Employee
Hatley, M. Insurance Archaeology Group, Senior Research Analyst
Haugh, L.F. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hauser, J.N. McCutcheon, Doyle, Brown & Emerson, Attorney
Hawk, G. Seay, Gwinn, Crawford, Mebus & Blakeney, Attorney
Hawkes, F.T. Carlton, Fields, Ward, Emmanuel, Smith & Cutler, Attorney
Hay, J. Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Attorney
Hayden, B. Lorillard, Legal Secretary
Hayes, L.E. Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Attorney
Hayes, W. Reynolds, Vice President for International Research and Development
Haynie & Associates Industry Lobbying Group
Haynie, R.K. Haynie & Asosciates, Lobbyist
Hays, J. Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, Attorney
Haywood, E.B. Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin & Oshinsky, Attorney
Hazlett, T.J. Brown & Williamson, Deputy General Counsel
Hazouri, D.A. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Healey, C.J. Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps, Attorney
Healy & Healy Lorillard Market Research Firm
Healy, D. Lorillard, Employee
Healy, D.J. Moldover, Hertz, Presnick, Gidaly & Strauss, Attorney
Healy, M. Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold, Attorney
Heartney, M.T. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Heather, J. L. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Attorney
Heck, J.D. Lorillard, Manager of Life Scienc es
Hedden, J. Tobacco Institute, Employee
Hedges, D.K. Porter & Clements, Attorney
Heim, R.C. Dechert, Price & Rhodes, Attorney
Heimert, A.J. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Hein, P.C. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Attorney
Hein, R.H. Lorillard, Director, Business Development, International
Helewicz, J.S. Brown & Williamson, Vice President of Corporate Communications
Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe Philip Morris Counsel
Helm, M.B. Munger, Tolles & Olson, Attorney
Helmprecht, D. Lorillard, Employee
Helsel, S. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Hendershot, M.L. Brown & Williamson, International Senior Counsel
Henderson, D.N. Cook, Purcell, Hansen & Henderson, Attorney
Hendricks, A.L. Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Hendricks, W.C. III King & Spalding, Attorney
Hendrickson, L. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Hendry, J.L. Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Attorney
Henigman, F. Lorillard, Employee
Henk, P.M. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Henley, E.M. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Henn, J.H. Foley, Hoag & Eliot, Attorney
Henninger, U. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Henningsen & Purcell American Tobacco Company Counsel
Henry, E.L. Adams & Reese, Attorney
Henry, M. Lorillard, Legal Secretary
Henry, T.B. Electric Mutual Liability Insurance Company, Employee
Henson, A. American, General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President; Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Henson, J. Reynolds, Associate General Counsel
Hepler, L.E. Burroughs, Simpson, Hepler, Broom & MacDonald, Attorney
Herman, S. Lorillard, Senior Financial Analyst
Herndon, Coleman, Brading & McKee American Tobacco Counsel
Herrick & Feinstein LS Inc. & Philip Morris Counsel
Herrin, L.E. Lorillard, Regional Sales Manager
Herron, C. P. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Heskett, N.R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hetsko, C.F. American, Senior Vice President and General Counsel; Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Hewitt, R.L. Dughi & Hewitt, Attorney
Hickey, J.J. Lorillard, Director of Sales Information and Support Systems
Hickie, E.J. Verner, Liipfert, Berhard, McPherson & Hand, Attorney
Hickman, D.H. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Hicks, D. A. Lorillard, Manager of Quality Administration
Hidalgo, Barrera, Siqueiros Y Torres Landa Lorillard Counsel
Higgins, Biddle, Chester & Trew Colin, Inc. Counsel
Higgins, E.K. Conn, Kavanaugh, Rosenthal, Peisch & Ford, Attorney
High, H.C. Hill, Ward & Henderson, Attorney
Hilderly, D. Tobacco Institute, Corporate Secretary
Hill & Barlow Lorillard Counsel
Hill & Knowlton Industry Public Relations Firm
Hill, C.T. Lorillard, Brand Promotions Manager
Hill, D.J. Hill, Fulwider, McDowell, Funk & Matthews, Attorney
Hill, D.L. Lorillard, Manager of Leaf Processing Operations
Hill, Fulwider, McDowell, Funk & Matthews Lorillard Counsel
Hill, K.T. Hill, Ward & Henderson, Attorney
Hill, W. Lorillard, Manager of Leaf Processing
Hill, Ward & Henderson Reynolds Counsel
Hilliard, R. Liggett, Employee
Hillman, P.N. Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Hils, G. Dinsmore & Shohl, Attorney
Hine, W. (Buddy) Lorillard, Manager of Graphic Production
Hines, J.H. DeBevoise & Plimpton, Attorney
Hines, L. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Hinkley, Allen & Snyder Brown & Williamson Counsel
Hinojosa, M. Bufete Hinojosa Antezona, Attorney
Hinshaw, C.J. Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Hinson, J. Reynolds, In-house Counsel
Hirsch, B. Loews, Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel
Hiser, T. Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Attorney
Hite, J.W. Sessions & Fishman, Attorney
Hobbs, M.L. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hobbs, W.D. Reynolds, Chairman of the Board
Hobley, K.R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hockett, R.C. CTR, Vice President and Research Director
Hodges, Doughty & Carson Philip Morris and Reynolds Counsel
Hodges, J.A. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Hodgson, J.H. Dobbs & Nielson, Attorney
Hoehing, J.S. Lorillard, Assistant Brand Manager
Hoel, D.K. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hoel, J. Philip Morris, Washington Representative, Washington Relations Office
Hoff, P.S. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Hoffman, B. King & Spalding, Attorney
Hoffman, D.A. Hoffman, Sutterfield, Ensenat & Bankston, Attorney; Carmouche, Gary & Hoffman, Attorney
Hoffman, E. Executive Public Relations Corporation, Employee
Hoffman, J. Wald, Harkrader & Rockefeller, Attorney
Hoffman, Sutterfield, Ensenat & Bankston Lorillard Counsel
Hoffman, W.E. King & Spalding, Attorney
Hogan & Hartson Tobacco Institute Counsel
Hogben, V.L. Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen, Attorney
Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel Lorillard Counsel
Hogue, P.K. Gift Stars, Vice President of Marketing
Holcomb, C.A. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Holland & Hart Lorillard Counsel
Holland, R. Lorillard, Safety Manager
Holleran, J.E. Philip Morris, Assistant General Counsel
Holloway, L Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Holman, C.T. Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold, Attorney
Holme, J. Jr. Lorillard, Regional Manager
Holmes, R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Holton, M. L., III Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Holtzman, A Philip Morris, Associate General Counsel; Conboy, Hewitt, O´┐ŻBrien & Boardman, Attorney
Honeycut, H. Brown & Williamson, Scientist
Hong, K.P. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Attorney
Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn UST Counsel
Hooper, J.P. Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Attorney
Hooper, L. Philip Morris, Employee
Hoover, M.D. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Hoover, M.J. Brown & Williamson, Senior Counsel-International
Hope, J. R. Tobacco Institute, Employee
Hopewell, F. Lorillard, Executive Vice President, Board of Directors and Executive Committee
Hopkins, C.M. Chaffee & McCall, Attorney
Hopkins, L. Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Inc., Employee
Horn, J. Philip Morris, Associate General Counsel
Horrigan, E.A. Jr. Reynolds, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer; Liggett, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Horvath, A.T. Weil, Gotshal, & Manges, Attorney
Horwitz, L. Ladas, Parry, Von Gehr, Goldsmith & Deschamps, Attorney; Abelman, Frayne & Schwab, Attorney
Hosenpud, D.G. Lane, Powell, Spears & Labersky, Attorney
Hosp, R.D. Goodwin, Procter & Hoar, Attorney
Hostetter, J.P. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hou, V. Cravath, Swaine & Moore, Attorney
Howard, D.C. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Howard, J. Lorillard, Assistant Treasurer of Credit and Collections
Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Robertson & Falk Reynolds Counsel
Howe, A.B. Davis, Polk & Wardwell, Attorney
Howell, G. Lorillard, Manager of Sales Analysis
Howery & Simon Lorillard Counsel
Howle, D. Tobacco Institute, Vice President
Howley, J.J. Lorillard, Director of International Marketing
Hoyt, W.T. CTR, President, Executive Vice President and Secretary
Hranitsky, D. Debevoise & Plimpton, Attorney
Hsu, F.S. Philip Morris, Research Scientist
Huber, G.L. Industry Consultant
Hudson, A.B. Lorillard, Manager of Cigarette Product Development
Hudson, Petree, Stockton, Stockton & Robinson Brown & Williamson Counsel
Huerta, N. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Huff, B. Kirkland & Ellis, Attorney
Hugh, L.F. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Hughes, I.W. Brown & Williamson, Vice President of Research and Development, President and Chief Operating Officer
Hughes, T.L. Travieso Evans Ponte & Rosales, Attorney
Hughes, T.P. Lorillard, Employee
Humber, T. Brown & Williamson, Manager of External Communications
Humphrey, C. I. Lorillard, Advertising Group Brand Director
Huntley, J. Dispute Dynamics, Researcher
Hunton & Williams Philip Morris Counsel
Hurwitz, E. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Hutchens, L. Reynolds, Employee
Hutcheson, Moseley, Pinchak & Power Reynolds Counsel
Hutcheson, S. Philip Morris Patent Counsel
Hutchins, Wheeler & Dittmar BAT Counsel
Hux, Livermon and Armstrong Reynolds Counsel
Hyatt, A.C. Lorillard, Employee
Hyde, T. Reynolds, Associate General Counsel
Hyman, M. Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Attorney
Hyman, Phelps & McNamara Brown & Williamson and Lorillard Counsel
Hymowitz, K.L. Bower & Gardner, Attorney
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