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Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.
Lorillard Glossary of Names
Lorillard Glossary of Names: T - U - V
Tahmaseb, M. Lorillard, Manager of Sales Promotional Development
Talbert, D.J. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Talbot, B. Chaffe, McCall, Phillips, Toler & Sarpy, Attorney
Talwar, N. Brown & Williamson, Brand Manager
Talwar, S.S. Lorillard, Sales Promotions Manager
Tananbaum, J. Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Attorney
Tanner, D.J. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Tanzer, S. Burson Marsteller, Employee
Taranto, R.G. Klein, Farr, Smith & Taranto, Attorney
Tarver, V. Quickstop Markets, Inc. Counsel
Tatonetti, R. Lorillard, Director of Systems Development
Tatulli, J.J. Lorillard, Director of Sales Programs/Communications
Taylor, C. Lorillard, Legal Secretary
Taylor, C.R. American Tobacco Company, Scientist
Taylor, D. Kilpatrick & Stockton, Attorney
Taylor, J.R. Dechert, Price & Rhodes, Attorney
Taylor, P. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Taylor, R. American, Scientist
Taylor, R. Philip Morris, General Manager of Manufacturing
Taylor, R.L. Joint Industry Consultant
Taylor, S. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Taylor, S.E. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Taylor, S.L. Philip Morris, Employee
Taylor, T.B. Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, Attorney
Tedder, D.R. Lorillard, Senior Vice President of Leaf Operations and Support Services and Executive Vice President of Operations
Tedder, G.L. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Teel, K.A. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Teeven, S.M. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Teitelbaum, J. Loews, Associate General Counsel
Telford, G.R. Lorillard, Vice President of Advertising and Brand Management
Temko, S.L. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Temm, W.M. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Temple, H.F. Lorillard, President, Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors
Tepikian, B.R. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Tergesen, N. Lorillard, Employee
Terhorst, T. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Terry, A. Lorillard, Employee
Thach, C.M. Lorillard, Senior Brand Manager
Thaggard, N.A. Lorillard, Senior Research Chemist
Thaxter, L. Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel, Attorney
The Brookings Institution Industry Consultant
The Direct Marketing Group, Inc. Lorillard Ad vertising Agency
Thelen, Marrin, Johnson & Bridges Philip Morris Counsel
Theus, Grisham, Davis & Leigh CTR Counsel
Thiro, C. Lorillard, Employee
Thomas, B. Lorillard, Employee
Thomas, D. Foote, Cone & Belding, Employee
Thomas, E.L. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Thomas, N. Seay, Gwinn, Crawford, Mebus & Blakeney, Attorney
Thomas, R. Lorillard, Senior Staff Engineer
Thomas, R.L. Lorillard, Manager - Environmental & Safety Affairs
Thomas, R.W. Lane, Powell, Moss & Miller, Attorney
Thompson Coburn Lorillard Counsel
Thompson, M.M. Lorillard, Senior Research Chemist
Thompson, T. Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Robertson & Falk, Attorney
Thompson, V.B. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Thompson, W.E. Philip Morris, Director of Research and Development Support
Thompson, W.E. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Thomson, M Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Thorne, D.B. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Tiesi, J. Philip Morris, Employee
Tilleke & Gibbins Philip Morris Counsel
Timpson, S. Philip Morris, Employee
Tisch, A.H. Lorillard, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Tisch, J.M. Loews, President
Tisch, J.S. Loews, Executive Vice President of Financial Analysis
Tisch, L.A. Loews, Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer; Lorillard, Board of Directors
Tisch, P.R. Loews, President & Co-Chief Executive Officer
Todd, D. Lorillard, Employee
Todd, M.P. Sewell, Todd, Lafitte, Beard & Watson, Attorney
Toft, A.E. Lorillard, Associate General Counsel
Toher, R. Porter & Hedges, Attorney
Toigo, A.J. Lennen & Newell, Inc., Employee
Tomlinson, R.D. McKinney, Stringer & Webster, Attorney
Tommey, N. Lorillard, Employee
Toms, Z. Liggett & Myers, President
Tong, H.S. Lorillard, Research Pharmacologist
Topol, A.J. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Toti, C. W. Lorillard, Director of Marketing Services and Product Development
Totte, R.B. Adler, Pollock & Sheehan, Inc., Attorney
Touche Ross Loews Accounting Firm
Toupin, J.A. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Townsend, D. E. Reynolds, Scientist
Trabue, Sturdivant & Dewitt Tobacco Institute Counsel
Tracers Company of America, Inc. Lorillard Marketing Agency
Trachten, J.A. Nutter, McClennan & Fish, Attorney
Traschel, D. Thompson Coburn, Attorney
Travieso Evans Ponte & Rosales Lorillard Counsel
Trebb, J.J. Lorillard, Field Division Manager
Trepel & Clark Brown & Williamson Counsel
Trepel, A.J. Trepel & Clark, Attorney
Tretheway & Brink Lorillard Counsel
Tretheway, J.H. Trethewey & Brink, Attorney
Triad Communication Industry Consultant
Triplett, T.M. Souther, Spaulding, Kinsey, Williamson & Schwabe, Attorney
Trippe, CM Jr. Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Attorney
Tropin, H.S. Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton, Attorney
Troy, D. Wiley, Rein & Fielding, Attorney
Trummel, R. Arnold & Porter, Attorney
Trunk, M.A. Dechert, Price & Rhoads, Attorney
Tsapanos, C. Lorillard, Secretary
Tsigrikes, P. Lorillard, Brand Manager
Tuck, J. Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell, Attorney
Tucker, C.A. Reynolds, Vice President; Lorillard, Assistant to Chairman of the Board
Tucker, C.L., Jr. Lorillard, Director of Product Development
Tucker, W.S. Jr. Stryker, Tams & Dill, Attorney
Tucker, W.S., Jr. Leboeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, Attorney
Tuggle, K.J. Brown, Todd & Heyburn, Attorney
Tukey, J. Industry Consultant
Tully, M.K. Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Turi, M. Lorillard, Project Leader of On-Line Software
Turk, L.M. Lorillard, Overseas Military Manager
Turnbull, B. Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Attorney
Turnbull, W. Lorillard, Director of Product Development
Turner, C. American Tobacco Company, Lobbyist
Turner, H. Philip Morris, Vice President of State Government Affairs
Turner, J.T. Reynolds, Legal Assistant
Tuttle, G.C. Lorillard, MIS Research Operations
Twomey, N. Lorillard, Director of Financial Planning
Tyler, Cooper & Alcorn Philip Morris & Reynolds Counsel
Tyler, D. Coughlan, Semmer & Lipman, Attorney
Tyler, J.J. Johnson & Tyler, Attorney
Tyler, R.B. Perkins, Daniels, McCormack & Collins, Attorney
Tynes, B.A. CTR, Treasurer
Tyson, P.R. Constangy, Brooks & Smith, Attorney
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Lorillard Glossary of Names: U
Ugarte, R.E. Winston & Strawn, Attorney
Ulin, J. Munger, Tolles & Olsen, Attorney
Ulmer, M. W. Watkins & Eager, Attorney
Underwood, J. Philip Morris, Employee
United Visuals' Mini-Theatre Lorillard Marketing Firm
Upin, C. Daniel J. Edelman, Inc., Employee
Upshaw, A.N. Adorno & Zeder, Attorney
Upshaw, J.E. Upshaw, Williams, Biggers & Riddick, Attorney
Upshaw, Williams, Biggers & Riddick Lorillard Counsel
Upson, S.B. Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample, Inc., Chairman of the Board
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Lorillard Glossary of Names: V
Van Ingen, J. Loews, Assistant Vice President of Purchasing
Van Sant, J. Lorillard, Employee
Van Zant, J.K. Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humperey & Leonard, Attorney
Vance, G.A. McDermott, Will & Emery, Attorney
Vance, V. W., Jr. Foley, Hoag & Eliot, Attorney
Vanderstar, J.E. Covington & Burling, Attorney
Vanwazer, T.P. Collier, Shannon, Rill & Scott, Attorney
Vardaro, R. Philip Morris, Assistant General Counsel
Vassalotti, M.J. Brown, Connery, Kulp, Wille, Purnell & Greene, Attorney
Vaughan, V.M. Lorillard, Brand Manager
Vaughn, K. Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, Attorney
Veerapen, C.P. Lorillard, Coordinator of Sales Material and Promotional Payments
Veltman, K.A. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Verheij, R.H. U.S. Tobacco, General Counsel and Executive Vice President
Verner, Liipfert, Berhard, McPherson & Hand Joint Industry Counsel
Verscaj, M.W. Philip Morris, Assistant General Counsel
Verstraete, L.F. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Analyst
Vilker, L. Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, Attorney
Vinson & Elkins Brown & Williamson Counsel
Vita, W.E. Gallagher, Gossen & Faller, Attorney
Vizcarrondo, P. Jr. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, Attorney
Vogel, L. Lorillard, Market Research Employee
Voigts, G.E. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
Vollins, S.L. Chadbourne & Parke, Attorney
Vollmuth, T.A. Lorillard, Senior Toxicologist
Von Der Lippe, B. Lorillard, Supervisor Graphic Production
Vujasinovic, V. Shook, Hardy & Bacon, Attorney
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