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California's Tobacco Propositions  

This subject collection serves as a companion to "Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles" by Stanton Glantz and Edith Balbach.*

In the past 20 years, California has become a leader in the tobacco control movement in the United States, a designation made possible by the passage of Proposition 99, which provided for a tax on tobacco sales with 20% of the money going to fund a statewide tobacco control program. According to Glantz and Balbach (2000), "At its most effective, in the early 1990s, the Proposition 99 anti-tobacco education program tripled the rate of decline in tobacco consumption. It spawned an unprecedented effort at passing local ordinances and led to smoke-free public places and workplaces, followed by smoke-free restaurants and bars."

California's successful passage of Proposition 99 has its roots in local clean air initiatives which were advanced by activists and public health advocates. While the earliest initiatives met with defeat, they served as a foundation for further ballot measures and created strong public support for clean air ordinances.

The documents in this section provide insight into the tobacco industry's strategies to defeat or undermine these local and state-wide propositions. Of note are documents containing plans to weaken enforcement of and support for California's 1995 smoke-free workplace legislation, AB 13; industry efforts to form a network of "grass roots" organizations to present the tobacco industry's position; and ideas for engaging the California Medical Association and other groups to undermine the California tobacco control program.

Prop 5 - The California Clean Indoor Air Act of 1978
Prop 10 - Establish Smoking and No-Smoking Sections
Prop P - San Francisco, California, Workplace Smoking Initiative
Prop 99 - Tobacco Tax with Monies to Fund Tobacco Control Programs
Prop 188 - Tobacco Industry's Response to AB 13
*Glantz, Stanton A., and Edith D. Balbach. Tobacco War: Inside the California Battles. Berkeley: University of California Press, c2000.
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