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Grass-Roots Goliath Citizens for a Sound Economy h...

Title Grass-Roots Goliath Citizens for a Sound Economy has been
Document Date 19960713 (July 13, 1996)
Bates Number Previous Bates TI31242371-TI31242376 Next Bates
Collection Tobacco Institute
Pages 6
Special Collections Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)
Mentioned Bahler, Brent; Bash, George; Beckner, Paul N.; Boron, David L.; Brewster, Bill; Burke, John F. Jr. Ph.D.; Burke, John P.; Burke, Sheila P.; Care, Clinton; Cicconi, James W.; Claybrook, Joan B.; Coverdell, Paul; Davis, Michele; Delay, Tom D.; Dole, Robert; Ellsworth, Robert F.; Fink, Richard H.; Forbes, Steve; Fuller, Craig L.; Gray, C. Boyden; Hargrove, Erwin C.; Johnson, Lyndon; Kennedy, John Fitzgerald; Koch, David; Koch, David H.; Lewis, Charles; Mitchell, Nancy L.; Motley, John J.; Parks, Carl; Reed, Scott; Roosevelt, Franklin D.; Solomon, Burt; Stone, Peter H.; Sweeney, John J.; Truluck, Phillip N.; Wayne, Stephen J.; Whitman, Christine Todd; Woodward, Bob; AFL-CIO; American Petroleum Institute; Chamber of Commerce; Citizens for a Sound Economy; Edison Electric Institute; Food and Drug Administration (FDA); George Mason University; Georgetown University; Heritage Foundation; House of Representatives; Justice Department; National Association of Manufacturers; Philip Morris & Co. Ltd.; Public Citizen ("PC"); Republican Party; Senate; University of Vermont; Vanderbilt University; Washington Post; White House
Box 9040
Date Added UCSF 20091130 (November 30, 2009)
TID dbw78b00

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