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Report on Second Lobbying Visit - to Prague and Br...

Title Report on Second Lobbying Visit - to Prague and Brno on 15th and 16th February, 1993
Organization Author BAT Industries Plc
Document Date 19930200
Document Type report
Bates Number Previous Bates 203838828-203838838 Next Bates
Country Czech Republic | France | Italy | Portugal | Spain | United Kingdom | United States | Germany
Collection British American Tobacco
Pages 11
Organizations Mentioned BATCo | Rothmans | RJ Reynolds | J Henry Schroder Wagg & Co Ltd | Hogan & Hartson
Persons Mentioned Sheehy, Patrick | Stehlik | Cerny, Jan | Bingham, Paul | van Waay, Ton | Howe, Tom | Tanzer, Jan | Belehradek | Rankin, Gavin | Kudlacek, Libor | Tera | Luksanova, Vlasta | Soukap
File Number hj0011
Box xma0171
Date Added UCSF 20040825 (August 25, 2004)
TID dgj80a99

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