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[Letter from Frederick J. Stare of Harvard Univers...

Title [Letter from Frederick J. Stare of Harvard University School of Public Health to Robert Hockett of The Council for Tobacco Research regarding Carl Seltzer's research proposal]
Author Harvard University School of Public Health; Stare, Frederick J.
Document Date 19680220 (February 20, 1968)
Document Type letter
Bates Number Previous Bates ATX0900001942 Next Bates
Collection Research
Pages 1
Special Collections Tobacco Products Liability Project
Recipients The Council for Tobacco Research; Hockett, Robert
Copied Seltzer
Mentioned Seltzer, Carl; NIH; Scientific Advisory Committee; Fund for Research and Teaching
Description Provides budgetary information regarding Carl Seltzer's research proposal. Urges support for the project.; Enclosure mentioned in this document is not included.; Includes marginalia.
Date Added UCSF 20090917 (September 17, 2009)
TID eam96b00

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