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[Note from RR Baker to JS Wigand regarding Chris P...

Title [Note from RR Baker to JS Wigand regarding Chris Proctor's resignation from BAT]
Organization Author BAT (UK & Export) Limited
Person Authors Baker, RR
Document Date 19901017 (October 17, 1990)
Document Type note
Bates Number Previous Bates 400182528 Next Bates
Country United Kingdom | United States of America | Canada | Germany | Brazil
Collection British American Tobacco
Pages 1
Person Recipients Dunn, PJ | Kausch, E | Wigand, JS | de Siqueira, CJP
Person Copied Heard, AL
Organizations Mentioned ITL | ETS | FRC | Souza Cruz | BATCF
Persons Mentioned Proctor, Chris | Robinson, David | Crellin, Robin
File Number aq0584
Box gu0942
Date Added UCSF 20050309 (March 9, 2005)
TID fmk52a99

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