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A Bulletin for AI_: _C Leaders About State, Federa...

Title A Bulletin for AI_: _C Leaders About State, Federal and Local Issues IN THIS ISSUE
Document Date 19900622 (June 22, 1990)
Bates Number Previous Bates TI10801393-TI10801400 Next Bates
Collection Tobacco Institute
Pages 8
Special Collections Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)
Mentioned Brennan, William; Brooks, Jack; Cuomo, Mario Matthew; Dedman, Robert; Dodge, Larry; Fischer, Paul M., M.D.; Goldston, William; Gowdy, Richard; Gowdy, Rick; Leonard, Bill; Martin, James; Martinez, Bob; Mcwherter, Ned Ray; Members, Alec; Merry, Jim; Parde, Duane; Pope, Art; Simon, Paul; Stump, Wayne; Tanner, Michael; Taylor, Jerry; Taylor, Robin; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Senate; United States Supreme Court
Box 9606
Date Added UCSF 20091130 (November 30, 2009)
TID ibe29b00

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