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Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.
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38th National Winter Convention & Candy Exposition

Title 38th National Winter Convention & Candy Exposition
Organization Author American Wholesale Marketers Association
Document Date 19970200
Document Type diagram; list
Bates Number Previous Bates LGI158803-LGI158849 Next Bates
Collection Liggett & Myers
Pages 47
Special Collections US Dept. of Justice
Organizations Mentioned Lorillard; Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation; United States Tobacco Company; Liggett Group Incorporated; Philip Morris USA; RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company; Management Science Associates; AWMA; National Tobacco Company; Swisher International, Inc; Commonwealth Brands Incorporated; Lane Limited; Premier Marketing Inc; Texas Wholesale; Kellogg Company; Liggett Group Inc; Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corporation; Procter & Gamble; Sprint; US Airways; Austin Quality Foods; Swisher International Inc; Giant Eagle; MR Williams Inc; Kroger; Brookshire Grocery Company; Mobil Oil Corporation; McLane Company Inc; Imperial Trading Company; Nat Sherman Inc; Premier Marketing; Clark Gum Company; Swedish Match; Hershey Chocolate USA; General Cigar Company; Tobacco Exporters International; Consolidated Cigar Corporation; Nabisco Incorporated; Giant Industries Inc; Sunmark Inc; Wakefern Food Corp; Associated Grocers Inc; American Candy Company; American Licorice Company; Amurol Confections Company; Callard & Bowser-Suchard Incorporated; Just Born Incorporated; Nestle Food Company; Palmer Candy Company; Adams & Brooks Incorporated; RL Albert & Son Incorporated; Allied International Corporation; BDI Pharmaceuticals Incorporated; BIC Corporation; Barcelona Nut Company; Beacon Sweets Incorporated; Bee International; Katharine Beecher Candies; Beer Nuts Incorporated; Blue Diamond Growers; Blueberry Confections Incorporated; Bobs Candies Incorporated; Bridgford Foods; CVC Specialties; CCW Products Incorporated; Calico Brands Incorporated; Candy Flowers Incorporated; Carolina Glove Company; Ce De Candy Incorporated; Charms Company; Chupa Chups USA; Claeys Candy Incorporated; Convenience Kits International Limited; Dittman-Adams Company; Cosmos International; Creative Data Research Incorporated; Crown Candy Corporation; AD Bedell Company, Inc; Dairy State Foods Incorporated; Bloomer Candy Company; David & Sons; Day Spring Enterprises Incorporated; Dayhoff Incorporated; Bond Foods Ltd; Dorval Trading Company Limited; Fat Freddie Meat Snacks; Favorite Brands International; Ferrero USA Incorporated; Foreign Candy Company Incorporated, The; Galerie Au Chocolat; General Cigar Company Incorporated; Georgia Nut Company; German Agricultural Manufacturing; Goldenberg Candy Company; Golightly Candy Company; Goodlite Products Incorporated; Halpem Import Company; Hammer Corporation, The; Haribo of America Incorporated; Harry London Candies Incorporated; Confecco Inc; Hilco Corporation; C Howard Company Incorporated; Illinoy Toy Company; Independent Can Company; Intellilink Services Incorporated; Inter-Continental Cigar Corporation; Intergoods Bakery Limited; JT International USA Incorporated; Jaret International Incorporated; Judson-Atkinson Candies Incorporated; Kal Kan Foods Incorporated; JT Davenport & Sons; Kelsen Incorporated; King B Incorporated; Douglas Companies; Knauss Snack Food Company; Kolder Incorporated; Lee Pharmaceuticals; Lincoln Snacks Company; Lotte USA Incorporated; Lucas World Incorporated; MSRF Incorporated; Eagle Marketing Group Inc; Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation; McCormick & Company Incorporated; Melster Candies Incorporated; Minute Maid Company, The; Modern Aids Incorporated; Multifilm Packaging Corporation; Multifoods Incorporated; Navajo Manufacturing Company; Nishimoto Trading Company Limited; Novelty Specialties; Day Spring Enterprises Inc; Olive Can Company; Hyde & Hyde Inc; Intergoods Bakery Ltd; Jaret International Inc; Just Born Inc; Oregon Mint Snuff Company; Kelsen Inc; King B Inc; Pearson Candy Company; Kolder Inc; LEG Inc; Premiere Candy Company; Liberty Orchards Company Inc; Professional Candy Buyer; Lucas World Inc; MSRF Inc; McCormick & Company Inc; Richardson Brands Company; Glikin Bros Inc; John Middleton Inc; Hana International Company; Head Distributing Company; Holiday Candy Company; Smoky Valley Meats; Kenray Associates; Modern Aids Inc; Nabisco Inc; Spangler Candy Company; Holiday Wholesale Inc; Stanback Company; Sweet Candy Company; Kane Group, The; Inderbitzin Distributors; Keilson-Dayton Company; L&E International Service; United States Playing Card Company; Milton A Klein Company Inc; Laura Paige Candy Company; Zenobia Company; Liberty Richter Incorporated; John Middleton Incorporated; RM Palmer Company; Mass Discount Merchandizer; Energy Club Incorporated; Robert Burton Associates Limited; National Bulk Food Dist; Nubani Trading Company; Pavone Distribution; Pennsylvania Dutch Candies; Old Dominion Peanut Corporation; Ponce Candy Industries Corp; Alpha One; Quality Distribution Network; R&M Distributors Inc; Atkinson Candy Company; Atlas Biscuit Company; Rainbow Fruit & Nut Company; Charqui Incorporated; Sajidah Candy Company; Mackie International; Azar Nut Company; Melster Candies Inc; Confection Connection; Bortz Chocolate Inc; Candy Buyers Directory; Spring Garden Foods Inc; Stephenson Wholesale Company; CGI; Sweet Ring Imports; Watkins-Schneider Wholesale; Wilson Wholesale Company; Winkler Forming Inc; Wythe-Will Dist Company; Ferrero USA Inc; US Poly Enterprise Inc; Resourceful International; Creative Data Research Inc; Nu-Breath Inc; Gray & Company; Judson-Atkinson Candies Inc; Oberto Sausage Company; Old Dominion Peanut Corp; Pioneer Snacks Inc; Ripensa Cookie Company; Robert Burton Associates; SP Enterprises Inc; Schuster Marketing Corp; Crown Candy Corp; Harry London Candies Inc; Ricola Inc; Old Fashioned Foods; Summerfield Foods Inc; Tobacco Exports International; Topps Company Inc, The; Turkey Creek Snacks; White Castle Distributing Inc; Impact Confections Incorporated; White Rock Products Corp; Wizard Toys Inc; Kara Chocolates; World Candies Inc; Zachary Confections Inc; Lil Drug Store Products; M&M Mars; Walter Jacques; Wonder Treats; E Rosen Company; Flavor House Products Incorporated; Hill Industries; Republic Tobacco; Fiesta USA; Acme Import Company; Charqui Inc; Clif Bar; Haribo of America; Pride of Iowa Sandwiches; Premier Candy Company; Warner Candy Company; Trophy Nut Company; Bortz Chocolate Incorporated; Cliff Weil Company; Russell Stover Candies; Select Brand Dist; Sesmark Foods; Snack Factory Inc, The; Sunset Orchards Inc; GSC Enterprises Inc; American Buyers Inc; Atlantic Dominion Distributors; Atwood Richards Inc; Intelligent Computer Systems; Tootsie Roll Industries; Bobs Candies Inc; CCW Products Inc; Dairy State Foods Inc; Dayhoff Inc; Cosmos Distributing Company Ltd; Gerco Inc; East Coast Whsle & Dist Corp; Intellilink Services Inc; OraLabs Inc; Pez Candy Inc; Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp; Rez-Tech Corp; Tootsie Roll Industries Inc; Trolli Inc; Turning Point Systems; Wm Wrigley Jr Company; Kings Wholesale Inc; Kishan Enterprises Inc; US Distribution Journal; IGT International; IDA; Hinojosa Bros Wholesale; Horizon Candy; Imperial Distributing; Ideamex; Import Warehouse Inc; Importaciones Tres Huertas; Indo-Med Commodities Inc; Industrials Alimenticals Noel SA; Industries Romfer; J&L Foods Inc; International Wholesale Inc; International Market Brands; International Foods; Inter-Steel Concessions; Intergum; Plantation Candy Co; Liberty Richter Inc; Scripto-Tokai Corporation; Star Snacks Company; Triple-C-Inc; Sunsel Orchards Inc; Rexall Consumer Products; Sesmark Foods Inc; Walkers Shortbread Inc; Weavers Popcorn Company Inc; Snow Bear; JCM International Trade; JHL Distributing; JPA Wholesale; JHS; Jayko International Inc; RSL Primecall Inc; Ja-Yin Trading Company Limited; Jack's Wholesale; Kinco; Dulces Luisi SA; King Henry's; Geoffrey Tobacco Imports; Katom International Corp; Lindt & Sprungli (USA) Inc; Neal's Chocolates; Exotica Car Air Freshners; Harmony Foods; Heartland Originals; H&I Yogurt Products Inc; Joli Susswaren; Sweet Factory; Three-Star Products Inc; Beverage Canners; Perugina Brands of America; The Toy House; Omni Wholesale Company; Cap Toys Inc; Peter Pan SA; AMG Trading Corporation; Kuroczik Susswaren; Advanced Foodsystems Incorporated; LB Distribution; LA Foods; Lamone Candy & Tob Company Inc; Laposse International Company; Adam Incorporated; Latin Gold Cigar Company; Lauren Distributing; L&M Distributors; Allen Wertz Candies; Altrose World of Chocolates; Alottatun Incorporated; American Chicle Group; Intellilink Services Inc; Ames International Incorporated; Morris National Inc; Square shooter Candy Company; Anaconda Sports; Lees Wholesale Candy & Tobacco; Liberty Wholesale Company, Inc; Liquidation Professionals; Lone Star; Annabeile Candy Company Incorporated; Sophie Mae Candies; Ann's House of Nuts; Lone Star Nut & Candy; F&F Foods Inc; Lucky Plan; Power Food Inc; Superior Confections Inc; Bader Dutch Biscuit Company; Jack Link's Meat Snacks; Montes and Company; Macmilan Boedel Containers; MCS USA; MCS Mexico; MPR; mc Lauro Ltda; Benson's Bakery Incorporated; M&M Investments; Best Vast Imports; Luisiana Restaurant; Betras Plastics Incorporated; Bi-Star Enterprise Incorporated; Haviland Candy Co; Bio Foods Incorporated; New England Confectionery Co; Mana Corporation; Stark Candy Co; Bon Bons Associes 2000 Incorporated; LAI Group; Mandy Martin Australia Pty Limited; Marcus Distributors Inc; Marjack Company Inc; Mary's Floral Designs Inc; Boyer Candy Company Incorporated, The; Brach and Brock Confections; Spice It Foods Inc; Brenner Foods Incorporated; Master "King" Food Company; Farley Foods; Buggy Town Candies Incorporated; Sathers Inc; McLane/Food Service; RL Albert & Son Inc; Calomrti International Incorporated; Maxfield Candy Co; Campfire Incorporated; Mom N Pops Inc; Candy Max Incorporated; Candy Mex Limited; Canel's USA Incorporated; Haddington; Cap Toys Incorporated; Carl Brandt Incorporated; Mega Alimentos; Carnaud Metal Box Enterprises Incorporated; Bay Island Coffee; Cavalier Products Incorporated; Melodys Kitchen & Dist; Challenger Candy Company; Mercantile International Trading Company Inc; Betras Plastics Inc; Chattanooga Bakery Incorporated; Cherokee Beverage; Zeebs Enterprises Inc; Chocolate House Incorporated; Chocolates Garoto SA; Chattanooga Bakery Inc; Chocolates Truin SA; van Melle Inc; Churchill's Confectionery Plc; Gurley's Foods; Clark Bar America Incorporated; Clear-Vu CMP; Mercedes Latino; Merchants Wholesale Inc; Cadbury Cookies; MI Tierra; Cloetta USA Incorporated; Miller & Hartman South Inc; Calico Brands Inc; Mitsui Enterprises Inc; Mo-Kan Distributors; Mutual Sales, Inc; Colombina Candy Company Incorporated; Multi Snacks Distributing; Morval Dist Corp; Comet Confectionery Incorporated; Candy Max Inc; Morinaga & Company Limited; Concord Confections Incorporated; Montanas Own Nut & Fruit Company; Confectionery & Novelty Design International; Mondi Tradehaus International; Confectionery World Incorporated; Highland Beefalo Farms Inc; Creative Confection Concepts LLC; Custom Confections Incorporated; Daily's Juice Products; De Boer Food Importers Incorporated; DeBeukelar Corporation; Delika Manufacturing Corporation; Dewey's Candy Company; Dickey Consumer Products Incorporated; Dina Industries; Chocolate House Inc, The; Distributing Buying Service; Claeys Candy Inc; Clark Bar America Inc; Dong-A-Hybrid Incorporated; Double B Foods Incorporated; Douwe Egberts Van Nelle Incorporated; Concord Confections Inc; Oberto Sausage Company Smokecraft; E3 Associates Limited; Easy Access Incorporated; Edge Communications; Elmer Candy Corporation; Eurochoc USA Incorporated; F&F Foods Incorporated; SDCR Business Systems; Fantastic Chocolate Company; Ferrero Pan Candy Company; Five Cent Cigar Company; Fizzies; Jerky Junction; Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company; Natco Sales; Tryum Corporation; NCS Corporation; National Sales Corp; Navarro Pecan Company; Fleetwood Snacks Incorporated; Fundamental Too Limited; Neuman Distributing; Klement's Sausage Company Inc; Galaxy Import Export Company; Noah Corporation; Gel Spice Company Incorporated; Grupo Industrial Vero SA de CV; Kan Kan Foods Inc; Gilliam Candy Company Incorporated; Goetze's Candy Company Incorporated; van Holten's Inc; Haas Baking Company; Gold Eagle Company; Golden Harvest Products Incorporated; Golden Valley Microwave Foods Incorporated; GoodMark Foods Incorporated; Gourmet Gifts International; OSU USA; OK Distributing Company, Inc; Nutrex Corp; Grupo Industrial Vero SA; Sorbee International Limited; North Coast Distributors; Dream Foods Company; North American Tea & Coffee Inc; H & I Yogurt Products Incorporated; RJ Overton Inc; Pacific Coast Duty Free LLC; Maurice Lenell Cooky Co; Hain Food Group, The; Packaging Accessories Inc; Palmex Alimentos SA de CV; Haipern Import Company; Goodlite Products Inc; Pan American Trading Company; Havatampa Phillies Cigars; Paronto; Quick's Candy Company; Health Tech Incorporated; Heritage Wafers Limited; Simply Lite Foods Corp; Pay Less Wholesale & Distributors; Standard Candy Company Incorporated; Phillips & King Cigar Company; PIA Merchandising; Shari Candies Inc; Pine State Tobacco and Candy Company; Pissa Pepsico; Hershey Import Company Incorporated; North Atlantic Trading Company, Inc; Hickory Farms Incorporated; Highland Beefalo Farms Incorporated; Information Access Incorporated; International Gold Star Trading Corporaton; Wisconsin Bar Brand; Inter-Brands Incorporated; Prime Line Wholesale; Price Costco; Price and Company; Preferred Wholesale; Intersweet Incorporated; Powers Candy & Nut Company; Shonfeld's (USA) Inc; Polley's Sales Inc; Nutcracker Snacks, Inc; O'Brien & Company Inc; Productos de Chile SA de CV; Productos Indy; Produmsa; Promised Land Dairy Dist; Promo International; Keebler Company; Oberto Sausage Company , Smokecrafts; King Nut Company; Promotional Partners; Sunline Brands; Old Fashioned Focus; Konica USA Incorporated; Willy Wonka Candy Factory; Kraken International; Strock UA LP; Latin Specialties Incorporated; Promotion in Motion Cos, Inc; Leader Candies Incorporated; One Star Mfg Company; Leggs Products Incorporated; Lil Drug Store; Linda's Lollies Company Incorporated; Lindt & Sprungli (USA) Incorporated; James P Linette Incorporated; Lisa's Gourmet Snacks Incorporated; Fruit-A-Freeze; Marketing Resources International; Maurice Lenell Cooky Company; Maxfield Candy Company; Mercantile International Trading Company; Meridian Beverage Company; Merlin Candies; Miami Spice Company; Churchill's Confectionery Plc; Mille Lacs MP Company; Mom N Pops Incorporated; Morris National Incorporated; Ben Myerson Candy Company Incorporated; NB Wholesale; Natco Incorporated; Wild West Products; Novelty Specialities; Proveedora Dulcera SA; Nevada W&S Corporation; Dlive Can Company; Quality Cigar & Tobacco Company; New England Confectionery Company; Quality Fast Food; Niche Marketing Corporation; Queretaro Enterprises International; Slush Puppie Brands; Upper Deck Company; Rose Spice Company; Superior Coffee & Foods; Pacific Sun Industries, Inc; Nutcracker Snacks Inc; Panaria International Inc; Pangburn Candy Company; Goetze's Candy Company Inc; Pep Products Inc; Pepsico Food Import Company; Peter Pan, SA; Pillsbury Company, The; Plantation Candy Company; Pool Products, Inc; PowerFood Inc; John B Sanfilippo & Son Inc; Dickey Consumer Products Inc; President Baking Company; Progress USA, Inc; Benson's Bakery Inc; RTC Industries; GDA Concepts; Ragold Inc; Ricolino SA de CV; Regal Connections; Ricola SA deCV; Resourceful International Marketing Inc; RNS Distributors; Reyes Industries; Resal Agencies Limited; Ryt-Way Food Products Company; Rainbow Wholesalers; Snap Products Inc; Multifoods Inc; Rondele Foods; Canel USA Inc; Ronson Consumer Products Corp; North Atlantic Trading Company Incorporated; Russell Slover Candies; Rygmyr Foods Inc; SMI Inc; SCI Importing; SDCR Business System; Bristol-Myers Products; Adani Inc; Seattle Chocolate Company; Allied International; Select Brand Distributors; Semco; Spectrum International; Squareshooter Candy; Sherwood Brands, Inc; Single Slick Inc; Smokey Moumain Chew; JM Snucker Company, The; Snack Factory, Inc; Solar Communications; Sophre Mae Candies; Riekes; RO-DAF Inc; David Roberts Food Corp; Squareshooter Candy Company; Slanback Company; Bobs Candy; Roxy Trading Inc; Royal Candy Company Inc; Pacific Coast Jerky Factory; Star Container Company; Stark Candy Company; SRH Group; SAJ Distributors - USA Drug; QF Stauffer Biscuit Company, Inc; SB Global Foods Inc; Cap Toys; S&S Sales Limited; Stockmeyer, Inc; S&S Distributing; S&S Distributing Company; S&M International Inc; Storck USA, LP; Carl Brandk Inc; Summerfield Foods, Inc; Chocolates Garota SA; Chocolates Turin SA; Sonmark Inc; Churchill's Confectionery Plc; Sonsel Orchards, Inc; Cima USA Import Export; Clayes Candy, Inc; Supenor Corlee & Foods; Clark Bar America; Superior Confections, Inc; Comet Confectionery Inc; DeBoer Food Importers Inc; Tapper Candies Inc; Testamints Inc; Dulces Luisi SA de CV; Eimer Candy Corp; Sandi's Wholesale; Scandinavian Candy, The; Scisorek & Son; Sell for Less; Shelby-J'S Snacks; German Agricultural Mktg Bd CMA; Toy Houses, The; Soonercom; Trade Fixtures, Inc; Sony Corporation of America; Somalin Cigar Company; Smith Enterprises Inc; Silver Star Import; Guittard Chocoalte Company; Sierra Supply Company; Treasure Chest Novelty Company; Trolli, Inc; Tropicana Products Inc; Tryum Corp; Sho-Me Container; Twang Inc; US Cigar Exchange Inc; US Confectionery Consortium Inc; USA Detergents Inc; Imagings; Van Holten's Inc; Robert Burton Associates Ltd; Van Melle Inc; Gerritt J Verburg Company; Koko's Confectionery; Leader Candies Inc; Smokey Mountain Chews; Lisa's Gourmet Snacks Inc; Maestrani of Switzerland; Soongjin Marketing; Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp; Veryline Products Inc; South Coast Distributing Company; Melster Candy Company; Southern Illinois Wholesale; Southern Imperial Inc; Vitaball Inc; Walkers Monsuch; Southwest Food Specialty; Mille Lacas MP Company; Funtime Sales Mass Market; Specialty Confections, Inc; Morm 'n Pops Inc; Tillamook Country Smoker; Pacific Trading Cards Inc; FB Washburn Candy Corp; Marketing Innovation; Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc; Weekend 2000 Inc; Pangbum Candy Corp; Westminster International; Plantation Foods; Pool Products Inc; Productos de Leche San Pablo; Progress USA Inc; Promotion in Motion Cos Inc; Quick's Candy; White Castle Distributing, Inc; Aygmyr Foods Inc; John B Santilippo & Son Inc; Whitman's Candies; Wild Canadian; Strategic Marketing Resources, Inc; Snak King; Starlite Wholesale; Sorbee International Dreamfoods; Wilkinson Spitz Ltd; Storck USA LP; Winter Farming Inc; Specialty Foods; Specialty Products Unlimited, Inc; Wizard Toys, Inc; Sun Harvest Farms; Sunshine Marketing Group, Inc; Super de Alimentos Ltda; Supe S Foods; Supreme Dist Company; Sweet Dreams; Target Merchandising; Zeta Espacial SA; Tall Tex Distributing; TVC Wholesale, Inc; T&M Merchandising; Sysco of San Antonio; Sweet Specialties, Inc; 98 Clearance Centers; A&W Leasing & Distributing; Distributing Company Inc; AC Sales; AC Sales of San Antonio; ACM; AJ Enterprises; Aarita; Abastecedora Plastica; Tasteful Additions; Abelardo A Salinas, Inc; Tenneco Packaging; Texas Legends Enterprises; Tons O'Treats; Trade Associates; Van Melle Inc; Transcontinental Traders; Tradewinds; Trolli de Colombia SA; Walkers Nonsuch; Whitman's Candies; Tropical Nut and Fruit Inc; Wilkinson-Spitz Ltd; Snacks; Adams Marketing Company; Turning; Alamo Packing Company; Candy MEX Ltd; US Sales Corporation; Allen Bros Wholesale Dist Inc; United Snacks of America; Cookie Connection, The; Universal Wholesale Inc; Usher Products International; Ameri Source; American Traditions; Fat Freddie Brands; Amigos Canning Company Inc; Anderson News Company; Angie Mae Candies; Anthony Enterprises; Ascorbatics Inc; Valley Distributing Company, Inc; Granpa Don's Inc; Great Crescent; Hi-Country Hictory Kist Snack Foods; Huisken Meats Inc; Hunt Wesson; Inter-Brands Inc; MacFarms of Hawaii S; New Glarus Foods; Associated Marketers Inc; Auburn Merchandise Dist Inc; B&D Distributing; BB's Supplies; BH Marketing Inc; BCI; BYJ & Company; Bakery & Snacks Specialties; Watts Distributing; Weatherill Sales; Weaver Nut Company, Inc; Wel-Chuan; EL Whitney; Wholesale Plus; Zeto Cero Texas; Young Foods; Yasutomo and Company; Y&M Wholesale; Proctor & Gamble; Wilson Distributors; Smokey Valley Meals; DF Stauffer Biscuit Company Inc; Stockmeyer (NA) Inc; Van Holten's Inc; Vic's Popcorn; Weaver Popcorn Company Inc; Zenobia; Berlin Packaging; AWMA Marketplus; Zuma & Sons Distributor Corp; Bermuda General Agency Ltd; Big Apple Inc; Big D Distributors; Zumba Pica; C&C Wholesale; CGIS; Boulder Distributing; Procopsa de CV; Bluebonnet Distributing; CarnaudMetal Box Enterprises Inc; Bissonnet Wholesale; Big Star Enterprises; Delika Mfg Company; Curley's Foods; 7-Eleven; A-1 International Foods; Abbey Vacation Resorts, Inc; Al's Food Mart; Amerada Hess Corp; Anixter Inc; Blumenthal Design; Blue Plate Vending; Biway Stores; Besnier Scerma USA; Independent Can Corr Pany; BR News; C&J Distributing Company; C&R Distributors; CD Distributing; CS Company Vending Machines; Candy Garden & More; Codal; Clasen Quality Coatings Inc; Castle Enterprises; Casa Autrey SA de CV; Cartolito SA/CV; Casa Beto; Candy Time; Candy Headquarters; CMI; Chocolate Company, The; Cost Plus; Whitman's Candies; Spec Enterprise inc; Spec Enterprise Inc; Total Network Telecommunication; Austin Nichols Soft Drink Division; Cohen Candy Company; Clil Bar; Continental Texas Inc; Convenient Store Services; Conyers Imports Limited; CWE; Marketing Arm; Core-Mark International Inc; Omniglow Corporation; PNO Confectionery Enterprise Inc; Nishimoto Trading Company Ltd; AMG Trading Corp; Circle K; Cyclone Enterprises Inc; Maridian Beverage Company; D&A Merchandise Company; DPT Laboratories; Dakota Drug Inc; Diversified Paper and Packaging Inc; Flamagas; Desert Distributing Company; Chuck E Cheese's; Choice Collections Inc; Chocolate Connections; Drapalla Vending Inc; Downey Distributing Company; Doura Manufacturers Agent; Veryfine Products Inc; Fleer Contections; Toy House, The; Inter-Contental Cigar Corp, The; Stockmeyer Inc; JD Services; Pangburn's Candy Company; Callard & Bowser-Suchard Inc; Colombina Candy Company Inc; Del Pueblo; Diamond Shamrock; Dollar General; Drug Store; Estes Park Times & Old Fashion; Farm to Market; Fattinta; First Texas; Flying J Travel Plaza; J Frozz Corporation; Georgia Baskets; Good Ship Lollipop; Grocery Outlet; Gumballs Sweet Ideas; Handy Andy; Hastings/Books Music/Video; HEB; Help-Ur-Self; Hill's Dept Stores; Humidor/ Menger Hotel at Alamo Plaza, The; J Works Inc; Kings Island; Kraft Food Stores; Eby Brown Company Corporate; L'Eclair; Egypt Bench Group; El Faro Del Dulce SAdeCV; ELB International; Elbin International; James P Linette, Inc; Edmiston Brothers; Neal Chocolates; Palmer Cancy Company; Pearson Snacks Inc; Esquire Canada; RTC Industries Inc; Rez-Tech Corporation Company; SCI Foods Inc; John B Sanfilippo & Sons; AL Schulzman Company; Sparrer Sausage Company Inc; Trilli Inc; Euromex; Lammes Candies; Liss Brothers; Lofa N Jug Inc; Fabrica De Dulces Ravi SAdeCV; Mac Frugal's; Meyer Machine Company; Fellers Specialty Advertising; Midtex Oil, Inc; Field Marketing & Management Inc; Fine Distributing; Five Star Enterprises; Food Group, The; Food Products International; Fortune Candies Incorporated; Frito Lay Spain; Movie Gallery; Nature Store, The; G&E Enterprises Inc; Neal's One Stop; News and Gift Shops; Nut House, The; Finnegan International Sales; GA Foods Group; Bio Foods Inc; Party City; Planeta Mexico; Quicktrip Corporation; Reed's; Rusell Stores; Racetrac Petroleum; Super Valu; Supers Foods; Star Anise; Stagecall Hospitality; Spartan Automatic Retailers; SQS Inc; GB Group Inc; GNS Food Inc; Garden Ridge; General Goods; Glazier Foods Company; J Gatta & Sons Inc; Global Lion Group Inc; Sweet Susie's; Taco Cabana; Tetco Companies; Tetco Stores, Inc; Texan Accent General Store; Texas General Store; Veterans Canteen Service; Universal Studios Hollywood; United Superstores, Inc; Tops Markets; Tiger Tote Food Stores; CWE/JRS; Calico Brand; Creative Confections Concepts; Exotica Car Air Fresheners; Goodtimes Foods; Great Discovery's Inc; Grocery Supply of San Antonio; Gumball Factory Inc, The; HAJ Wholesale Inc; Halfon Candy Company Inc; Harold's Wholesale Inc; Harrison Company Inc; Hartin International; Imaginings 3; JE Hastings Limited; Imperial Toy Company Corporation; Heller Flexible Pkg; Herkimer Wholesale Company, Inc; University of the Incarnate Word; L'eggs Products Inc; Wal-Mart Canada; Wal-Mart International; Walt Disney Attractions; WESCO; Western Star, Inc; FW Woolworth Company; Woolworths; Omini Wholesale Company; Pioneer Sacks Inc; Salthers Inc; Script-Tokar Corporation; Solar Communication; Sparrer Enterprise Inc; Spec Enterprise Inc; Austion Nichols Soft Drink Division; Boyer Candy Company Inc, The; Chocolates Turin SA de CV; Daily Juice Products; Dairy State Food Inc; Eurochoc; Gardetto's; Guittard Candy Company; Pez Candy Company; Sunset Orchard; Tryurn Corporation; Van Holten's Inc; Cavalier Products Inc
Persons Mentioned Murphy, Ken; Wilson, Steven; Martinez, Robert; Armstrong, J; Stewart, Thomas; Moore, Kathy; Charles, David; Anderson, Becky; Kang, James; Wright, Gary; Davis, Jim; Johnson, Rick; Johnson, Mary; Thompson, Marty; Askwith, Mike; Smith, Judy; Galo; Wallace, Bill; Douglas, Randy; Adams, Michael; Rankin, Norm; Meredith, George; Joyner, Justin; Moser, John; Jamison, John; Chee, Dana; Phillips, Bennie; Campbell, Dave; Head, Jack; Kolinsky, Marlene; Magee, Mike; Erkes, Robert; Inderbitzin, John; Inderbitzin, Ann; Inderbitzin, Jenny; Konja, Steve; Takeda, Norm; Gomez, Miguel; Wellinghoff, Gregg; Davis, Gary; Richmond, Sid; Martin, Page; Nowlin, Doug; Greene, Marcia; Greene, David; Ladesich, Chris; Chin, Connie; Stevenson, Bob; Snyder, Don; Kho, Jane; Hill, Chris; Patterson, Jim; Agababa, Bobby; Hafstrom, Torvid; Thrift, Karin; Balbuena, Steve; Bornfeld, Jed; Finnegan, Dean; Miller, Kevin; Bryant, Lloyd; Rosen, Barry; Hyde, Allen; Kinsel, Randy; Kinsel, Robin; Duvall, Shawin; Hinojosa, Antonio; Hinojosa, Balde; Turrubiates, Raul; Berger, Bonnie; Wojnicz, Dianne; Schein, Gary; Ravenna, Carmen; Esquivel, Jose; Villarreal, Armando; Bringas, Juan; Song, HS; Font, E; Walton, Marilyn; Walton, Ken; Hyde, Jeannie; Buck, Will; Buck, Dennis; Amram, Filip; Amram, Leon; Borreson, Candy; DeLong, Doug; Woldenberrg, Moises L; Poitra, Zachary B; Herron, Terry; Jamil, Wally; Rosen, Linda; Rosen, Jerome; Romero, Nestor; Payro, Armando; Correa, Oscar G; Correa, Gloria Cecilla; Ellis, Jim; Inderbitzin, Paul; Huerta, Oscar; Bhatia, Ravi; Hussain, Eyadi; Bermea, Felix; Warren, Kelly; Patel, Jagdish; Patel, Jitesh; Patel, Ranchood; Kuroczik, Herbert; Kane, Randy; Geng, Ricardo; Bloom, Don; Dwyer, Greg; Kindler, Bruce; Davidian, Trina; Davidian, Henry; Ahmed, Sultan; Ahmed, Ace; Bowen, Bart; Cruz, Antonio; Penrod, Susan; Penrod, Samuel; Penrod, Jack; Penrod, Dana; Cao, Juan; Kennemer, Robert; Hemming, Shawn; Pahm, Donny; Pahm, John; Amin, Alex; Amin, Irene; Klein, Allen; Valentina, Pierfrancesco Della; 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Date Added UCSF 20071010 (October 10, 2007)
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