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Cigarreria Morazan, El Salvador: Casino Advertisin...

Title Cigarreria Morazan, El Salvador: Casino Advertising Campaign
Document Date 19880000
Document Type video
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Genre Corporate Communication
Collection British American Tobacco
Running Time 00:14:30
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Topic brand image; smoker behavior; marketing; advertising; sales; promotional campaign; radio; television; business activity
File Number AF0004
Description Video produced by Cigarreria Morazan, a subsidiary of B.A.T. and one of the two companies controlling El Salvador's tobacco production. Cigarreria Morazan created an advertising campaign for its brand Casino that included short programs "Casino Disco hits" on the radio and video clips on TV. Every 4 months a new song was introduced promoting Casino cigarettes.
Date Added UCSF 20091008 (October 8, 2009)
TID mqm02b00

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