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Reports of Interviews with EEC Consultants: Brusse...

Title Reports of Interviews with EEC Consultants: Brussels, 4th - 15th November 1988
Person Authors Leach, Michael
Document Date 19881121 (November 21, 1988)
Document Type report
Bates Number Previous Bates 401060228-401060235 Next Bates
Country Ireland | Japan | United Kingdom | Greece | France | Netherlands | Belgium | United States of America | Germany | Spain
Collection British American Tobacco
Pages 8
Organizations Mentioned BATCo | BAT Industries | Foreign Trade Organisation | Spanish Electricity Distribution Corporation | Cartonboard Association
Persons Mentioned Barker, Charles | Hill, R | Hill, Richard | Crossick, S | Lambert, K | Shelley, G | Schuybrock, JL | Minke, K | Garside, K | de Greef, M
File Number aa0455
Box gu0583
Date Added UCSF 20060822 (August 22, 2006)
TID nsk96a99

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