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Dr. Carl Seltzer

Title Dr. Carl Seltzer
Document Date 19680000
Document Type meeting notes
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Collection Research
Pages 1
Special Collections Tobacco Products Liability Project
Mentioned Hockett, Robert Casad, Ph.D.; *Seltzer, Dr. Carl C. (use Seltzer, Dr. Carl C.); Stare, Fredrick; Harvard School of Public Health; *Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) (Only use SAB with name of specific org.)
Description Discusses funding Dr. Seltzer's project, which would be administered through Harvard University's Fund for Research and Teaching. Notes that the SAB does not think "it belongs as one of their projects because it 'is preparatory.'" Comments that part of the study would involve World War II army veterans "with possible result that not smoking but their body make-up" is associated with cardiovascular disease. Notes approval by General Counsel. See related Bates MNATPRIV00012956.
Date Added UCSF 20090917 (September 17, 2009)
TID qhn96b00

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