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Smoking and Health: The Need to Know

Title Smoking and Health: The Need to Know
Document Date 19720000
Document Type video
Bates Number Previous Bates TIFLTAPE023 Next Bates
Genre Corporate Communication
Collection Tobacco Institute
Running Time 00:31:08
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Persons Mentioned Selye h; Seltzer C; Ratcliffe h; Furst A; Meier h; Brownlee KA; Hammond EC # American Cancer society; Ober W; Eysenick H; Levine E; Longston H; Rosenblatt M; Cederlof R; Rosenmann R
Description Duplicate of 85683166/3169.
Minnesota Request Number PLAINTIFF'S 08/13/96 1ST OMNIBUS RFP
Area Kueper
Date Added UCSF 20060616 (June 16, 2006)
Date Added Industry 19990601 (June 1, 1999)
TID top91f00

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