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Deposition of ELLEN MERLO, July 14, 2000, In Re: T...

Title Deposition of ELLEN MERLO, July 14, 2000, In Re: TOBACCO CASES II [CA]
Document Date 20000714 (July 14, 2000)
Document Type deposition
Bates Number Previous Bates MERLOE071400 Next Bates
Collection DATTA
Topic addiction; advertising; Design and Manufacture; industry activity; industry sponsored research; Secondhand Smoke; youth
Pages 94
Organizations Mentioned ABC Television; Advocacy Institute; American Legacy Foundation; British American Tobacco Company Limited BAT; Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation; Chelsea Group; EPA; Federal Trade Commission; Gallup Organization; INBIFO, Intitut Fur Biologische Forschung; Liggett & Myers Inc.; Lorillard Inc.; National Smokers Alliance; Philip Morris Companies Inc.; Philip Morris Incorporated (Philip Morris U.S.A.); Worldwide Regulatory Affairs (PM); R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.; Reuters; Roper Organization; Shook Hardy & Bacon; Smoke Enders; Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service; United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Young & Rubicam
Persons Mentioned Bible, Geoffrey; Burnett, Leo; Campbell, William Ian; Crawford, Derek; Ellis, Cathy Lynn, Ph.D.; Gullotta, Frank Paul, Ph.D.; Han, Victor; Hayes, C. S.; Humber, Tom; Jones, Veronica; Keane, Denise F.; Kinser, Robin; Kornegay, Horace R.; Lattanzio, Ted; Laufer, David; Lenzi, John (Jack); Levy, Carolyn J., Ph.D.; Merlo, Ellen; Panzer, Fred; Poole, Jay; Spector, James; Trach, Barbara; Volz, Peter; Walls, Tina
Brands Marlboro; Merit; Parliament; Virginia Slims
Description The deposition of the witness, Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Philip Morris, continued. She discussed Philip Morris' advertising policies and the work she has conducted concerning environmental tobacco smoke. She described specific advertising campaigns and the agencies they utilize. She said their goal as an organization is to make life easier for smokers while respecting the rights of those who choose not to smoke and don't want to be bothered by environmental tobacco smoke. She discussed bans on smoking in public places and the Hatch Agreement, which was an agreement between Philip Morris and the United States Senate that Philip Morris would limit its discussion of health-related issues of causation and addiction. She commented on the warnings on cigarette packages that the Federal Government mandated. She described the company's allocation of funds for the prevention of youth smoking.
Case Name Tobacco Cases II (CA)
Witness Merlo, Ellen
Date Added UCSF 20050215 (February 15, 2005)
TID ucz75a00

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