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Dear Mr. Donoho

Title Dear Mr. Donoho
Author Henry; Longfellow; Leighton, Wayne
Document Date 00000000
Document Type legal language; letter; report
Bates Number Previous Bates TI31020428-TI31020464 Next Bates
Collection Tobacco Institute
Other Number 0231 B1793 03A
Pages 36
Special Collections Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)
Recipients Donoho, Pat; Donoho; Hembers
Mentioned Administration, Drug; Administration, General; Ahebn, William; Amis, S; Armey, Dick; Barbara; Bate, Leila; Bavoam, Williams; Beckner, Paul; Beckner, President Paul; Bnoucn, T; Boehrr, John; Boyden Gray, C Chairman; Braden; Broder, David; Brownlee, Ciiristopher; Buoner, Joel W; Campa; Carter, President; Chairman; Chambers, L; Citizenry; Clinton, President; Council, President; David; Deon, Eld; Economist Tottie, John; Forbes, Steve; Fox; Frank, Barney; Gattuso, James; Gattuso, James Policy; General; Gingrich; Giy, Chairman; Governor; Grassley, Charles; Grassrcots, Goliath; Gray, C Boyden; Harrold, Michael; Haynes, Johnson; Hillen, Cheryl E; Hn, Ona; Honse; Hopkins, John E; Iobtnson, Lynn A; Jefferson; John S; Jon; Joseph G; Kassebaum - Kennedy; Kathy; Knuds; Koa, T; Koc, H Chairman; Koch, Charles G; Koch, David H; Lehrer, Jim; Lexis; Lor; M Williams; Ma, George; Maloney, Michael; Mccormick; Michael D; Michael F; Mitchell; Moore, Brandy G; Nancy; Nicholas; Otar, S H; Paul; Peggy M; Phillips, Peggy; Pmowsm, Juuz E; President; Public Radio, Wisconsin; Revere, Patti; Revere, Paul; Riley, Bryan; Robert; Ruckelshaus, William; Sauer, Raymond; Smiler, Beverly C; Staffon; Stickers, Bumper; Susan; Tammy; Thompson; Tobias, Elizabeth S; Toluson, Iiober; Uvei, H; Uvei, Y; Venable; Verheggen, Lzdza S; Warson, Corrje J; Washlngton; Wiegand, Joe; Wiegand, M; Williams, Barbara; Wirth, Tim; Alliance For Lower Electric; Alliance For Tax Reform; Barrington Hills; Bridge News Service; Cancer Treatment Centers; Capitol Hill; Chinas Mfn; Citizens; Clemson University; CNN; Cnn And Cnn; Congress; Congress As Panicked Republicans; Congress Cse; Congress To The Federal Communications Commission; Coraputer Network; CSE; Cse And Cse Foundation; Cse And Texas Cse Foundation; Cse Board; Cse Foundation; Cse Foundation Board; Cse Foundation Chairman; Cse Staff; Customer Choice Consumer Value; Dana Joz; Dc Stepheus Ltd; Department Of Transportation; Detroit Kvi In Seattle And Ktrh; Director Of Devdopmem; Director Of Devdopment; Director Of Development; Director Of Governraent; Director Of Insurance; Director Of Mobil; Director Of Publications; Director Of Research; Director Of State; Director Of Tax; Director Of Trad; Dtz Staff; Environmental Education; Environmental Protection Agency; EPA; Fairfax; Falcon Seaboard Resources; FCC; FDA; Fda Reform; Fda Review Times; February Cse Foundation; Fox News Channel Cnbc And The Usa Radio Network; Fuel Standards Project; G Fogg & Company Inc; Global Affairs; Hailing And Telephone Campaigns; Health Care; Hollywood; Illinois Commonwealth Edison; Illinois Cse; Illinois Cse Executive; Illinois Farm Bureau Radio Network; IRS; Jives; Journal Of Commerce; Kiwanis Lions And Rotary; Koch Industries Inc; Kpmg Peat; Louisiana Cse; MFN; Mn Uve; Mobil; National Association Of Insurance Commissioners; National Association Of Insurance Commissioners Naic; National Journal; NBC; New Jersey Cse; New Jersey Cse Foundation; New York; New York Cse; Oiden Uve Na Academy; Oklahoma Cse; Ongen National Association; Operations Manager; Padden & Company Inc; PBS; Public Choice George Mason University; Richard Vedder Of Ohio University; Run Health Care; Scoa Executive; Se And Cse Foundation; Senate; September Cse; Seskes Research; Social Security; South China Morning Post; TECH; Texas Cse; Texas Cse Foundation; Thomas Publishing Company; UVE; Uve Of Vcont; Virginia Cse; Wall Sreet Journal; Washington; Washington Dc Cse; Washington Post; Washington Times; Werc In Birmingham
Box 8063. Organizations; 1997-98 APCO - Council of Govt. Policy Advisors
Date Added UCSF 20090716 (July 16, 2009)
TID vhr43b00

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