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Microbiological Associates Contract 14-D July 1, 1...

Title Microbiological Associates Contract 14-D July 1, 1977- June 30, 1978 - "The Invivo and In Vitro Analyses of the Biological Effects of Smoke-Related Chemicals"
Author CTR
Document Date 19780630 (June 30, 1978)
Document Type report
Bates Number Previous Bates 10007057-10007058 Next Bates
Collection Research
Pages 2
Special Collections Ness Motley Law Firm
Mentioned Nebert, D. W.; Boobis, A.; Yagi, M.; Jerina, D.; Kouri, R.; Rude, T.; Joglekay, R.; Dansett, P.; Jerina, D.; Atlas, S.; Owens, I.; Nebert, D.; Pelkonen, O.; Felton, J.; Shcechtman, L.
Description Unreadable marginalia, no specific author
Litigation Usage MS-AG (053700)
Box Box 1 of 4
Date Added UCSF 20090827 (August 27, 2009)
TID vjd66b00

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