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Title HISTORY PUBLICATIONS ENDORSEMENTS SUPPORT AGENDA CAGW's Top Tgn Priorities for 1998 1 Restoration of Medicare Beneficiaries' Freedom to Contract 2 Protecting the Budget Surplus from New Spending 3 Tax Simplification and IRS Reform 4 Medicare and Social
Document Date 00000000
Document Type report
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Collection Tobacco Institute
Other Number 0785 B1793 02C
Pages 28
Special Collections Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)
Mentioned Adrianson, Alex W; Altman, Jeffrey P; Anderson, Jack; Armey, Dick; Aven; Bill; Boehner, John; Borden; Brennan, Priscilla P; Byron; Campi, Jim; Canady, Charles; Cannon, Joseph; Carlson, Arne Gov; Carroll, Anne O; Ccagw; Chabot, Steve; Chairman; Circle, Chairman; Clinger, Bill; Clinger, William F; Clinton, President; Cochran, John; Collider, Super Superconducting; Condit, Gary; Cot, Bob; Cox, Christopher; Davis Ill, Thomas M; Dole, Robert; Fairdoth, Lauch; Fdst, William; Fisher, John; Flinton; Foley, Mark; Fox, Jon; Furse, Elizabeth; Ganz, Bryan; Gerow, Charlie; Gingrich; Goldberger, George S; Grace, J Peter; Grace, Patrick; Hansen, James; Inhofe, James; Jackson, Andrew; Jackson, Cathy; Jackson, M; Jean I; John E; Kasich, John R; King, Larry; Klug, Scott; Leader Dole, Bob; Livingston, Bob; Livingston, Chairman; Luther, Bill; Mack, Connie; Mad, Connie; Mccain, John; Mcfain, John; Mclnnis, Scott; Mcnutt, Amy Shelton; Mcnutt, Shelton; Menbers; Meyerhoff, Joseph; Meyerholifund, Joseph; Miller, Dan; Minge, David; Myrick, Sue; Nedd; Nethercutt, George; Norton, Tom; Oinkers; Oole, Bob; Paige, Leslie K; Paine; Pdckman, Jennifer; Penny, Tim; Putnal, Russ; Ramstad, Jim; Reali; Riggs, Frank; Roth, Toby; Royce, Ed; Royce, Edward; Rundle, Martin; Sanford, Mark; Scarborough, Joe; Schaefer, Dan; Schatz, President Tom; Schatz, Thomas; Schatz, Thomas A; Schatz, Tom; Shapell, Nathan; Simpson, Alan K; Snowe, Olympia; Snowe, Olympia J; Sowinski, Jennifer; Staff; Sweeney, Ariane E; Tate, Randy; Tedeschi, Robert J; Thomas Schatz, President A; Thompson, Fred; Tol; Toni; Wamp, Zack; Ward, Mikel; Wastewatcher; Williams, David; Zimmer, Richard A; ABC; Abc News; Abc News Congressional Correspondent; Acushnet Foundation; Adp Foundation; America Ccagw; Ashland Inc; BBA; Ben F Hormel; Bernard Mcdonough Foundation Mcgraw Foundation; Bernard Mtdonouoh Foundation; Board Of Directors; Board Of Governors; Bob Dole; Brown Foundation Broyhill Family Foundation Inc; Broyhill Family Foundation Inc; Ca Gw; CAG; Cag - Om; CAGW; Cagw Joined The House Committee On Government Reform; Cagw Pig Book; Cagw-S And Ccagw; Cagw-S Board Of Directors; Cagw-S Board Of Governors; Cagw-S Top; CARW; Cayusa Foundation; Ccagw-S Pennsylvania Tan; Ccagw-S Taxpayer-S Education; Cephalon Inc; Chairman House Appropriations Committee; Chairman House Budget Committee; Chairman Senate Commerce Committee; Chairman Shapell Industries Inc; Chemical Bank; Citizens Against Government Waste; Citizens Aoainst Government Waste; CNN; Colorado Senate President; Congress; Congress And The Clinton Administration; Congress And The White House; Congress Cagw; Council For Citizens; Council For Citizens Against Government Waste; Daniel J Kreske Government Affairs Associate; Dean Foods Company; Deere & Company; Deloitte & Touche Llp; Department Of Agriculture; Department Of Housing And Urban Development; Director Of Government Affairs; Director Of Membership; Dufresne Foundation; E & M; EAG; Eaton Corporation; Environmental Protection Agency; Falcon Seaboard Oil; Federal Agricultural Support; Former Menber Grace Commission; Former Senate Majority Leader; Fox News; Gans Tire Company; Gordon & Mary Cain Foundation; Gordon & Mary Cain Foundation Columbia; Government Performance And Results Act; Government Waste; Government Wastewatch; Grace Commission; GW; Hca Healthcare Corporation; Hch Healthcare Foundation Inc; Hershey; Hormel Charkable Lead Trust Howell Corporation; House And Senate Ccagw-S Congressional Ratings; House Appropriations Committee; House Appropriations Subcommittee; House Government Reform And Oversight Committee; Howell Corporation; Industries Foundation; Industries Int; Irs Reform; It-S Time To Deep Six; John E Jackson & Sue; Kroger Co; Ld Hancock Foundation; Lubbock Ccagw; M & M; Majority Leader; Manager Of Admhdstration; MARS; Mcgraw Foundation; Mcgraw-Hill Foundation; Meadow Gold Dairies Inc; Medical University Of South Carolina; Medicare And Social Security; Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation Inc; Milton Brown Foundation; Morris Companies; Peter Grace; Pfizer Incorporated Philip Morris Companies Inc; Pllilil; Power & Lioht Company; Public Education; Public Education Programs Management And General; Publix Suoersarkels Charities Inc; Publix Super Markets Charities Inc; Reeves Family Foundation Safeway Inc; Representative Hon; Research Associate; Research Director; RET; Rr Donnelley & Sons Company; Rubber Company; Savannah Foundation Inc; Senate; Senate Majority Leader; Slrake Foundation; Spartan; St Paul Foundation; Tampa Convention Center; TENN; TI; Total Liabilities; W R Grate & Co; Washington Cagw; Wen Foundation Kraft Foods Inc; WIS
Box 9038. Rob Walker Files Public Affairs Division - 1995-1998: Federal/State Tobacco Conrol; Fire Safety; California Bar Smoking ban project; Travel & administrative
Date Added UCSF 20090716 (July 16, 2009)
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