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Carolina Tobacco: Roots of an Ageless Triumph Feat...

Title Carolina Tobacco: Roots of an Ageless Triumph Featuring the Harley Davidson TV Spot "Stuntman
Document Date 19950000
Document Type video
Bates Number Previous Bates 88498132-88498135 Next Bates
Genre Corporate Communication
Collection Lorillard
Running Time 00:31:58
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Topic Burley tobacco ; Virginia tobacco ; tobacco farming ; Hispanic American ; tobacco leaf ; tobacco aging ; tobacco processing ; tobacco storage ; Oriental tobacco ; cigarette brands ; cigarette additive ; filter ; cigarette design ; cigarette packaging ; distribution ; international trade
Organizations Mentioned MAXELL
Description Video produced by the Carolina Cigarette Company, a subsidiary of Lorillard, that showcases the history of tobacco in the United States, farming of flue cured tobacco, and the manufacture of cigarettes, especially the Triumph brand, by the company. Also included is a commercial for Harley Davidson cigarettes produced by Dentsu, Young & Rubicam. One version of the commercial was made for a Japanese audience.; HAND, HANDWRITTEN; MARG, MARGINALIA
Litigation Usage FEDA/PRODUCED
Minnesota Request Number R1-056
Request Number R1-056
Date Shipped 20010628 (June 28, 2001)
Box 1195
Date Added UCSF 20060616 (June 16, 2006)
Date Added Industry 20010914 (September 14, 2001)
Date Modified 20120126; 20120515 (May 15, 2012)
TID vnk64a00

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