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Deposition of KARL CHRISTIAN ROVE, August 26, 1997...

Title Deposition of KARL CHRISTIAN ROVE, August 26, 1997, TEXAS v. AMERICAN TOBACCO CO.
Document Date 19970826 (August 26, 1997)
Document Type deposition
Bates Number Previous Bates ROVEK082697 Next Bates
Collection DATTA
Topic Political Influence; lawsuit
Pages 203
Organizations Mentioned Department of Health and Human Services; George Mason Law School; Harvard Business School; Johnson and Johnson; Karl Rove & Company; National Smokers Alliance; Philip Morris & Co. Ltd.; United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; University of Houston; University of Maryland; University of Texas A&M System
Persons Mentioned Beauchemin, Edmond P; Bush, George Herbert Walker; Dillard, Jack; Dole, Robert; Ford, Gerald; Gunn, Michael; Hoagland, Kenneth; Nichols, B. R.; Reagan, Ronald, President; Robinson, Bernie; Sibley, David
Description The witness, a consultant for Philip Morris, was deposed by the plaintiffs. He summarized his personal and professional background, including his work for the Republican party in a number of political campaigns. He indicated that he attended five different universities but did not graduate from any of them. He characterized the news that Mike Gunn was resigning from the Mississippi Senate to join the Tobacco Institute as "a sad commentary on the Tobacco Institute and a vast improvement for the Mississippe Senate." He reported that he was first approached by Philip Morris to begin working for them in 1991. He said that his association with Philip Morris ended by mutual agreement in 1996, in part because he began to feel uncomfortable working in the political arena and then sharing that information with Philip Morris. He said that he felt it was inappropriate for him to tell Philip Morris about polling information that he had access to as a result of his role in George W. Bush's gubernatorial campaign. However, he did share "political gossip about who was getting ready to run and how they were doing with fund-raising and how they were doing garnering support of key groups, how they were doing with lining up endorsements and so forth," even if he learned this from his involvement in the campaign. He said that George W. Bush was aware of his work for Philip Morris and told him not to discuss tobacco issues with him, including product liability. He reported that the only topics that were considered off-limits for advice were tobacco issues and "issues on which I didn't have any expertise, and which had no political implications." However the witness acknowledged that they did discuss tort reform. He indicated that there was a distinction between the two but did not elaborate. He agreed that tobacco is "broadly" part of the subject matter of tort reform and product liability. He maintained that he never saw a conflict between his consulting work for Philip Morris and his consulting work for Governor Bush. He declared that there are "too many lawsuits and too many frivolous claims filed by people against other people ... the legal system is jury-rigged. And it's rigged in a certain way."; Frank Statement
Case Name Texas v. American Tobacco Co.
Witness Rove, Karl (affiliation: Philip Morris; fact_type: Tobacco Company -- other; job_title: Consultant; side: Defendant; witness_type: Fact)
Date Added UCSF 20060120 (January 20, 2006)
TID voq07a00

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