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Real Lives - Edited with Graphics Clone without Sl...

Title Real Lives - Edited with Graphics Clone without Slates
Document Date 19940500
Document Type video
Bates Number Previous Bates 2084234641 Next Bates
Master Bates 2084234640/4641
Genre Corporate Communication
Collection Philip Morris
Running Time 00:07:27
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Topic health care activity ; tobacco farmer ; tobacco industry employee ; excise tax ; labor union ; retail outlet ; sales ; political activity
Organizations Mentioned PDR
Description Video opposing President Clinton's health care reform proposal that includes an increase in excise taxes on cigarettes. Paid for by Philip Morris, the video claims that the increased tax will result in massive job losses and unemployment.
Litigation Usage FEDA/PRODUCED
Date Added UCSF 20060616 (June 16, 2006)
Date Added Industry 20030606 (June 6, 2003)
TID wbc77c00

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