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Kool Isn t Getting The Starters/236.

Title Kool Isn t Getting The Starters/236.
Organization Author Cantrell-D;BW
Person Authors Cantrell-D;BW
Document Date 19870217 (February 17, 1987)
Document Type letter; memo
Bates Number Previous Bates 620307825-620307829 Next Bates
Alternate Bates 620307825; 620307829
Collection Brown & Williamson
Pages 5
Organization Recipients Macdonald-I;BW
Person Recipients Macdonald-I;BW
Organizations Copied Whitehair-T;Kohnhorst-E;Reynolds-M;Riehl-T;Hendricks-J;Tharaldson-J;Stowe-R;Kounnas-C;BW
Person Copied Whitehair-T;Kohnhorst-E;Reynolds-M;Riehl-T;Hendricks-J;Tharaldson-J;Stowe-R;Kounnas-C;BW
Minnesota Request Number H83 I96
Date Produced 19961127 (November 27, 1996)
Date Shipped 19961127 (November 27, 1996)
Referenced Documents 0
Box 1196
Case ID 10004026
Date Added UCSF 20020201 (February 1, 2002)
Date Added Industry 19990524 (May 24, 1999)
Date Modified 20120425; 20121009 (October 9, 2012)
TID wks03f00

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