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Author Dawson, Brennan; Barnes, Sarah; Anderson, David E; Barton, Robert; Marlowe, Gene; Hall, Carl; Hall, Carl T; Ritchie, Mark; David; Abramson, Rudy; Levin, Myron; Weisskopf, Michael; Dawson, Brennan M; Branstad, Terry E; Mesce, Deborah; Hilts, Philip J; Chilcote; Brennan; Nork, Sally M; Lauria, Thomas; Arthur, Bill; Senter, Daoid; Duston, Diane; Ellis, Tottie; Seeley, David; Mcnamara, Mary; Lowery, Mark; Bock, Alan W
Document Date 00000000
Document Type executive overview; legal language; letter; memo; report
Bates Number Previous Bates TI51270630-TI51271236 Next Bates
Collection Tobacco Institute
Other Number 2829 B1793 03B
Pages 612
Special Collections Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI)
Recipients Robertson, Gary; Robertson; Smith, Jada; Pearce, Dave; Pearce; Watson, George; Watson; Mith, Jada; Spivak, Joel Show A; Bagrosky, John L; Bagrosky; Molineux; Manning; Klurfeld, James; Klurfeld; Kirkpatrick, Melanie; Kirkpatrick; Goldman, Peter; Goldman; Brooks, Chad; Brooks; Arthur, Bill; Bill; Behnke, Clifford; Behnke; Hall, David; Hall; Cryer, Gene; Cryer; Stiff; Kennedy Chairman, Edward M; Kennedy; Mcmann; Prichard, Peter S; Prichard
Copied Gregory, Bettina; Altman, Lawrence K; Mcdade, Phil
Mentioned Aaron, Henry; Alan; Amei; Amer; Amerio; Amero; Amiens; Andrea; Arneri; Axelrad, M; Axelrad, Robert; Banzhaf, John; Barnes, Fred; Barriers, Tari; Becker, Robert; Becket; Benjamin; Bennett, William; Bentsen, Lloyd; Bill; Blanchfield, John; Bleck; Bleckef, Robert; Blecker, Rober; Blecker, Robert; Blecler; Bleelger; Bleker; Blerker, Rorl; Blker; Block, Fred; Blocker, Robert; Blocker, Robert J; Bradley, Bill; Brockway, David; Bteeker, Robert; Buchanan; Buche, John; Bunyan, Maureen; Burdells; Bush, George; Buslt; Butz; Cadwalader; Chai; Chalrman; Chronicle, Francisco; Cindy; Clark, Dick; Clas; College, Smith; Colvin, Helce; Colvin, Hele; Colvin, Helene; Colvin, Helene D; Colvin, Melene; Comer, Meryl; Conan; Conbress; Conferenc; Contam; Cook, Charles; Crier, Catherine; Current, Pdces; David; Dawson, Brennan M; Dawson, M; Daynard, Richard; Deem, Nomi; Dement; Democ; Dibiasi, Cindy; Dimes; Dorgan, Byron; Dorset, B I; Dumelle, Finn; Dunkel, Arthur; Dwight; Ektlund, Robert B; Erickson; Eskey, Kenneth; Este; Evans; Faux, Jeff; Flint; Frank J; Freet; Frenzel, Bill; Frenzel, Theorum; Friedman; Fues; Gardner, Melissa; Gatt; Gene; Glantz, Stan; Glantz, Stanton; Gramm, Phil; Gregory, Bettina; Gregory, Petina; Gruse, Charles; Hager, Robert; Hall, T; Hamilton; Handout, Slideshow; Harriet; Harsch, Jonatlum; Hecker, Helen; Heus; Hillman, Bill; Hills, Carla; Hollings, Ernest; Hollings, Ernest Fritz; Honse, Demrat; Huard, Paul; Ione; Irene; Island, Catalina; Jaffe; Jaffee; James E; Jedson; Jeff; Jennings, Peter; Joan; Jobgcn, Joyce; John; Jolly, Robert; Katzenstein, Alan; Kelly, Kate; Kiien, Linda; Kitsch; Kleinschmit, Linda; Kondracke, Morton; Koop, C Everett; Koop, Everett; Kostenkowski; Kutmer; Lague; Lamielle, Said Mary; Lansing, Phil; Laurence S; Lauria, Thomas; Leland, Mickey; Levine, Melvin; Lito; Long, Russell; Lynn, Barry; Lyons, Arthur; Markham; Marshak, Biecker; Marti; Martino; Mcanwhile; Mcgill; Mcglotten, Robert; Mcintyre, Robert; Mclaughlin; Mclaughlin, John; Median, Ircomes; Meek; Meister, Barb; Merry, Walker; Merryman, Walker; Miller, Joyce; Miller, Joyce D; Miller, President Joyce; Molnes; Moore, Catherine; Moynihan, Daniel Patrick; Munzer, Alfred; Musgrave, Peggy; Musgrave, Richard; Myers, Matt; Myers, Matther; Nelson, Jack; Nelson, John; Nixon; Norville, Deborah; Novak; Novello, Antonia C; Ogilvy; Ohare, William; Oreenspan, Alan; Ostendorf, Dave; Peal; Perks, Perestroika; Piden; Pinc; Pince; Pleasesendcopiesoflettersand; Plomick, Robert; Post, Washinqton; Pottorff, M; Powell, Frank; Quin, Mathews; Rafael; Rask, Norman; Rast; Rastenkowski; Reagan, President; Reichman; Repace, James L; Ritch; Ritchie Ostendoff, Dave; Ritchie, Mark; Roane, Andrea; Robe; Robert; Robertson, Gray; Roosevelt; Rossi, Clifford; Rosten; Rostenkowski; Rroscvelt, Franklin; Rtewzki; Rudman; Rupp, J; Ryan, Dave; Saes, United; Scripps; Sectretariat, Gatt; Senate, S; Shab, Sandra; Shaber, Sandm; Shaber, Sandra; Shae; Shodand, Jeffrey; Sick; Smith, David; Spencer, Susan; Stain, Herbert; Stein, Herbert; Stuntz, S; Sullivan, Louis W; Taylor, A; Thompson; Tonto; Trad; Truman; Tsongas, Paul; Turner, Simon; Varela, Luis; Wasbington; Wash, Mayor Harold; Washinston; Washjngton; Washlngton; Wastungton; Wayne, John; Webster, William; Weeks, David; Wigan; Wile; Willard; Yeutter, Clayton; ABC; Abc - Tv; Abc Cbs; Additionally The Institute; Administration And Congress; Administration Threatens Farmers And Rural; Aeroflot; AFDC; Afl-Cio Clc; Afl-Cio Committee; Afl-Cio Committee On Social Security; Ag Exports; Agricultmal Stabilization And Conservation Service; Aid For Dependent Children; All Americans; AME; Amedcans; American Agriculture Movement; American Enterprise; American Lung Association And The Office Of Smoking And Health; American Medical Association; American University; Americzns; And Republicans And Democrats; Anerican; Ap Upi Reuters; ASCS; Association Of National Advertisers; Auburn University; Background Material And Data On Programs Within The Jurisdiction Of The Committee On Ways And Means; BMW; BNA; Board Chair; Board Chair Of The Lrvep; Board Of The President-S Committee; Brooklns; Budget Office; Bureau Of Labor Statistics; Bush Administration; Bush Administration Of Ier Rural America; C & B; CBS; Cbs Morning News; Center For Economic Policy Ana; Center For Economic Policy Analysis; CES; Chamber Of Commerce; Characteristics & Expenditure; Chipsoft Inc; Citizens For Tax Justice; Citizens For Tax Justice Conference; Citizens For Tax Justice Ctj; City Of Chicago-S Commission On Women; CLUW; Cnn Fox Post - Newsweek; Coalition Of Label Union Women; Coalition Of Labor; Coalition Of Labor Union; Coalition Of Labor Union Women; Coalition Of Labor Unlon Women; Coalition Of Lbor Uion Women; Coalition Of Lbor Union Women; Commerce Department Census Bureau; Committee On Ways And Means; Communications Committee; Congress; Congress And The President; Congress And The White House; Congressioml Budget; Congressional Black Caucus; Congressional Budget Office; Congressional Research Service; Cook County Board Of Tax Appeals; Cruise Center; Cti Research Director; CTJ; Ctj Executive Director; CW; Democratic Congress; Department Of Agricul; Department Of Health And Human Services National Center For Health Statistics; Department Of Labor Bureau Of Labor Statistics; Department Of Transportation; Director Of Marketing Na; Ecohomic Policy Institute A Wash; ECON; Economic Policy Institute; Economic Policy Institute A Washington; Economic Policy Institute Bleker; Economic Poliv Institute; Economic Poticy Institute; EE; Ekelund & L Lng Auburn; End Export Subsidies; Environmeatal Protection Agency; Environmental Protection Agency; EPA; Epa-S Ets; EPI; Ets And The Institute; Executive Council Of The Afl; Executive News; Expor Values For Corn; F & H; Families; Families With Children; Fda And Doa; Federal Crop Insurance And Farmer-S Home Administration; Food And Drug; Fuel Oil; Gaett News Service; Gannett; Gasoline And Motor Oil; GATI; Gati Held In Minneapolis In February; GATR; Ginrlch; Gnp And Perso; Government Of El Salvador; Gro National; Gross National Product; GTON; HCA; Health And Human Services; Health Department; Healthy Business Systems; Hhs Office Of Inspector General; High School; House And Senate; House Energy And Commerce; House Of Represen; House Of Representatives Committee On Ways And Means; House Subcommittee On Commerce Consumer Protection And Competitiveness; Households; Households High; Howard New Senice; IHC; ILLS; Institute A Washingtbn; International Society Of Restaurant Association Executives In Chicago; Japaa; Jfk And Moscow; John Wayne Airport Helitrms Air Service; Joint Committee On Taxation; Jolly Ann Davidson; Jtlng; Labor Department; Labor Management Committee; Labor Statistics Congressional Budget Office; Labor Union; League Of Rural Oters Education Project; League Of Rural Voers; League Of Rural Voters; League Of Rural Voters And The Director Of The Institute For Agriculture And Trade Policy; League Of Rural Voters Calls; League Of Rural Voters Education; League Of Rural Voters Education Project; Leghmaries; Level Of Income; Lkvep Board; Los Anqeles Times; Lrvep; May Institute; Mcgill University; Medicaid; Men & Women; Mes Coeu; Michigan Education Association; Mimmsota Teachers Association; More Bad News For Women; More Years College; National Association Of Manu; National Center For Earn; National Center For Health Statistics; National Commission; National Consumers League New York State Manpower Services American Federation; National Energy Management Inst
Description Surgeon General
Box 6108. 35 - 4 A - Communications Committee Mailings - Jan. - Dec. 1990
Date Added UCSF 20090716 (July 16, 2009)
TID wxw83b00

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