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Deposition of JEFFREY WIGAND, Ph.D., November 14, ...

Title Deposition of JEFFREY WIGAND, Ph.D., November 14, 1996, BROWN & WILLIAMSON TOBACCO CORP. v. WIGAND
Document Date 19961114 (November 14, 1996)
Document Type deposition
Bates Number Previous Bates WIGANDJ111496 Next Bates
Collection DATTA
Topic industry sponsored research
Pages 102
Organizations Mentioned Biosonics; British American Tobacco Company Limited BAT; Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation; Coresta
Persons Mentioned Baker, Richard R.; Binns, Richard; Heard, Alan L.; Jarvis, S.E.; Kohnhorst, Earl E.; Massey, E.D.; Mitchell, T.G.; Sandefur, Thomas E., Jr.; Sheffler, Bruce; Thomas, Martha; Thornton, Ray E.; Wells, John Kendrick, III
Brands Capri; Marlboro; Viceroy; Winston
Description The defendant, the former Vice President of Research and Development at Brown & Williamson, was deposed by the plaintiffs. He discussed the diaries in which he took notes about his Brown & Williamson research. He explained how he came to access status review notes from the Fundamental Research Science Center at Brown & Williamson. He described these documents, which dealt with sensitive internal research projects involving biological testing, research, and nicotine pharmacology. The witness claimed that it was standard policy for company lawyers to edit reports with potentially damaging content because of liability concerns. He stated that all edited, final research reports were sent to him and that the distribution list did not accurately reflect everyone who received them. He claimed that the Fundamental Research Science Center undertook to reproduce the results of several scientific studies, but if the results were not favorable they were withheld.
Case Name Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. v. Wigand
Witness Wigand, Jeffrey S., Ph.D. (affiliation: Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company; comment: Has knowledge regarding the addictiveness and health hazards of cigarettes, how nicotine is manipulated in the manufacturing process, the development of safer cigarettes, the cigarette manufacturing process, and the acts of Brown & Williamson officers to; fact_type: Tobacco Company Scientist; job_title: Former Vice President of Research & Development; side: Defendant; witness_type: Fact)
Date Added UCSF 20060120 (January 20, 2006)
TID xhq07a00

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